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Facebook is plannin

g to rebrand the company with a new name this week.

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Facebook started off as a social media platform and quickly became ingrained into our everyday life.

Even if you personally don’t use it to update friends about your life, for business purposes, or even lurking on family members, most people have kept their profiles up. While Facebook was created to connect, sometimes the platform connects the wrong types of people, whose agenda is to misinform. When the pandemic started, people were connecting on Facebook and bonding over their beliefs in conspiracy theories. Somehow, folks really believed 5G towers were making people sick and all it took was poorly edited videos to convince them they were right. Sadly enough, racists have used the platform to connect and plan meet-ups as well.

As of late, the company has taken on a bad reputatioin for being too dangerous based on allegations from former employees. It’s safe to say the name and brand of Facebook needs a tune-up and according to The Verge, that’s exactly what is about to happen.

Allegedly, Facebook is changing the company name to more reflect its focus on building the metaverse. Facebook’s metaverse is still not fully understood, even by people within the company, but in the next day or so we should allegedly know exactly what it all means.




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