Sidney Starr Talks Friendship With Darius McCrary On "The Real"

Did She Do That? Sidney Starr Talks To “The Real” About Her Darius McCrary Message Getting Messy

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“The Real” is giving Sidney Starr a platform to explain the truth about her relationship with Darius McCrary during their Tuesday, October 26 episode today.

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On today’s episode of “The Real” the trans actress and media personality insisted that “society wasn’t ready” for her and Darius McCrary’s message of friendship.

Earlier this month Starr got the internet talking with a video she posted of her and McCrary during a photoshoot.

“We both are just built special!!!!! 2 hard working celebrities in the industry!!!!!!! Eddie Winslow we love you!!!! @dariusmccrary ! We hear y’all talking !!! #transisbeautiful #familymatters,” she captioned the video of she and McCrary.

Because of the way Darius’ hands were placed in the clip it was speculated that the pair might have something going on. Starr clarified that and she and McCrary are friends in another post.

“A Black heterosexual male actor who’s standing aside a controversial transgender woman like myself,” she captioned a photo of them. “We are great friends… and this is a powerful movement we have made to let this be a lesson to the WORLD that we are all human! No matter what!!!”

McCrary replied, “I stand w/my family and that’s all that #matters.”

McCrary went on to address the rumors in an IG post featuring his mom from “Family Matters,” JoMarie Payton.

“What, are we in high school? You gonna tell me who I can be friends with, who I can’t hang out with?,” he said. “I am a grown man. I’m really five years away from 50, so if I wasn’t with my mama, I would really be saying this a whole other way, but I am with my mama. Stop running with these rumors.”

McCrary also revealed he is engaged:

“And I think that my fiancée would really have something different to say,” McCrary said. “That’s what y’all should really be focusing on — where that ring is.”

A spokesperson for McCrary went on to release a statement to The Shade Room basically saying Starr is seeking attention in an attempt to stay on reality television.

“McCrary has kept an amicable friendship with Starr, who has been persistent with creating fake storylines and relationships with our client in a sad attempt to get back on Love & Hip Hop: New York.”

In a final message Sidney stood by her story of friendship with the “Family Matters” actor: He’s still my friend …. Powerful @dariusmccrary #Familymatters All positivity… #transisbeautiful let’s leave it at that #sidneystarr #transisbeautiful

The conversation continued on today’s episode of “The Real.” Check out part 1 of her appearance below!


Sidney Starr:

Me and Darius, we came together to cause a positive movement and a moment for the world to break barriers.

Loni Love:

I got you.

Sidney Starr:

It’s ok for a straight heterosexual male to be friends with a beautiful known trans woman, or a gay guy, or someone that is not really normalized. All we wanted to do was just kind of show you, like, look, hey, this is ok.


And I agree with you, I actually completely agree with you. There’s no reason why anybody, straight, gay, in between, can’t be friends with a transgender (person).

Sidney Starr:

It’s not like I look like Arnold Schwarzenegger with a wig on.


I think the confusion was just like….it’s not even about how you look, it’s not even about that. I think there is a weird stigma that exists out there and it shouldn’t, but there’s a weird stigma that exists that when a straight man is hanging out with a trans woman, then they may be gay, or then all of a sudden society’s responsibility to out them because they’re on the DL.

Sidney Starr

Or that we’re having sex.


And so that’s what the question was. Because when you said that you had relations with him, or you alluded to that, then it just led everyone to believe that there is something more. That’s why we wanted to bring you here so you could straighten that out.

Whew! The ladies of “The Real” are not holding back y’all! Do you think Sidney was out of pocket suggesting that the stigma should be worse if she looked like Schwarzenegger in a wig? It seemed like she still was trying to squirm out of responsibility for the confusion too! We know y’all caught that!

Tune in today Tuesday, October 26 on THE REAL— check local listings for when and where to see it.


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