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Lil Nas X’s father has finally had enough, calling out Lil Boosie for all of his homophobia.

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Lil Nas X has been living his best life since he touched down with “Old Town Road.” He went from being called a one-hit wonder to being a multiple hit artist is less than 18 months, proving everyone wrong.

While executing his vision and artistry, some people have made it their goal to be vocal with their displeasure over his success. Lil Boosie is at the head of the table making sure we all have to endure his homophobic opinions any time Lil Nas X does…well, anything.

Recently, he went on an extremely bizarre and hateful rant about Lil Nas X because he joked he had a song releasing with Boosie. Boosie’s rant was out of pocket and caused Lil Nas X’s father to take to his Instagram to respond.

While he didn’t mention Boosie by name, I think we all can agree we know who he is talking about. It’s one thing for a random stranger to blast their opinion, it’s another when it happens multiple times by someone who lives in the same area and is telling your child to harm himself.

Boosie responded in a way that surprised absolutely no one, with more homophobia. The majority of social media is still having a hard time grasping why he cares what Lil Nas X is doing. One could say claiming he has a song with Boosie is playing with his name, but we know Boosie and Nas X aren’t working together for any reason.

Unsurprisingly, Azealia Banks is just as fed up as everyone else with the pointless homophobia and addressed it on Instagram, which you can peep below.



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