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Costume Party Premiere Of "Halloween Kills" - Red Carpet

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We live in a time when hate, bigotry, and discrimination will not be tolerated. We’re not sure if this particular case rises to the level of any of those aforementioned isms but we’ll lay it out and you can decide for yourself.

According to TMZ, there is an ongoing controversy happening on social media timelines about whether or not the fictional serial killer from Halloween, Michael Myers, is a homophobe. Now, before you go complaining about “woke” culture and throwing a wobbly like Piers Morgan, just listen to what is being said.

A few weeks ago, the latest incarnation of Myer’s murderous mayhem hit the theaters and a social media user made note (or joke) about a (SPOILER ALERT) scene in which a same-sex couple who live inside Myers’ childhood home is viciously slain, similar to how just about everyone in a Halloween movie with the exception of Jamie Lee Curtis is slain.

While this tweet is more than likely just a troll-y joke, these days with social media holding the keys to the social justice hamster wheel we could easily see someone being deada** serious about Michael Myers being a hate crime advocate.

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