VA Councilman Defends Blackface For 'Sexual Chocolate' Costume

White Sexual Chocolate: VA Councilman Defends Halloween Blackface, Compares Himself To Dave Chappelle

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To quote Spike Lee’s film about minstrel shows and blackface, Bamboozled, “Yes. Continue, O Great N*ggerologist!”

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Virginia Warsaw councilman Faron Hamblin wants to school us about how blackface is really no big deal and anyone offended by the racist legacy is too sensitive. The audacity of caucacity made him an expert after he used dark brown bodypaint to give his Halloween look a little razzle-dazzle. WWBT News reported that he deleted the images shared on social media last weekend and posted an apology on Facebook. Whenever someone has to make a statement after blackface, N-bombs, or other super offensive behavior, they usually end up needing to apologize for the trifling apology. In Hamblin’s case, he deleted it along with the photos, but screenshots are forever!

“In honor of my late friend, I went out as the legendary Randy Watson tonight. Give it up for my band Sexual Chocolate,” Hamblin wrote as a caption for his Coming To Americainspired outfit. He actually did a great job with the wig and retro baby blue tux, before he hustled backward with the blackface. Randy Watson is an ICON! With just a couple of good poses from the classic comedy, the councilman’s social media comments would’ve been filled with love instead of outrage. But that’s too much like right!

Before completely deleting the pictures and related posts, Hamblin responded to the backlash in the comments. “Folks I made a post of me dressed like the movie character Randy Watson. For those of you who know the movie, Randy is a [B]lack man. So I dressed the part. Suit, hair, and yes my makeup was brown,” the Richmond County resident wrote. “Many saw it degrading, which I did not. I did it to show my love for the character and the movie. But since I’m white it’s considered by some as offensive to dress as a [B]lack person.”

That was so close to at least half of an apology, but then he found a way to blame Black people, too. First, Hamblin compared himself to Eddie Murphy, who played Randy Watson, an older White Jewish man, and a couple of dozen other characters in Coming To America. 

“In the movie, Eddie Murphy portrayed a white Jewish man and it was funny as hell,” Hamblin continued. “I can’t speak for the Jewish community and I’m sure some were offended. But Eddie showed his freedom of expression. He never meant any ill harm to the Jewish community.”

The councilman also gave credit to  Dave Chapelle for putting a battery in his back about offensive “jokes” after the comedian got yet another special to complain about being canceled and make more anti-trans and anti-gay material in The Closer.

“Like Eddie, or Dave Chappelle, I don’t go around walking on eggshells, worried about hurting someone’s feelings. But I never intended for this to be a racist issue.”

Hamblin, who really is a musician outside of his political job, said it “cuts pretty deep” that he’s accused of racism over the incident. “I try to be a good person and help others regardless of who they are,” he wrote. “I’m here to say I love everyone on this planet, we should all feel the same.”

Plenty of people in the comments claimed Hamblin had nothing to apologize for, while others believe there is never a good excuse for blackface. Dave, come get your people before they do Tyrone Biggums next!

What do you think? Are you feeling Hamblin’s Sexual Chocolate shenanigans?






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