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Lord have mercy, this is so sad…

Shot of an empty corridor in a high school

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School bullying is deadly. Every single year a disturbing number of children are deciding to end their lives because their classmates are a bunch of soulless a**holes. Who the hell raised these heartless hellions? Likely people who are also destined for Satan’s sunny retirement home one day.

We came across this story on The Independent that detailed the suicide of 10-year-old Isabella Tichenor and it made us as mad as it did sad. Isabella attended Foxboro Elementary School in Salt Lake City, Utah, a city notorious for their racist attitudes and very few Black folks. Don’t take our word for it, ask Russell Westbrook. The kids at this school were brutal in their taunts and bullying toward Isabella and her siblings that included yelling racist slurs. The children’s mother, Brittany Tichenor said she contacted the Davis School District numerous times seeking assistance only to get silence in return.

Ms Tichenor said: “Even though my baby is gone, I’m going to make sure that I stand for Izzy. And I’m going to make sure — for voices that can’t be heard like hers — that this will never happen again to any kid.”

What makes that detail particularly galling is the fact that about two weeks ago, the United States Department of Justice released a damning report about the rampant racism inside the Davis School System. At this very moment the organization is under federal investigation and now this happens.

The DOJ investigation which focused on 2015-2020, “found hundreds of documented uses of the N-word, among other racial epithets, derogatory racial comments, and physical assaults targeting district students at dozens of schools. The department concluded that for years, Davis’s ineffective response left students vulnerable to continued harassment and that students believed the district condoned the behaviour.”

We already know that Florida is a s**thole state but we might have to put Utah under the microscope a lot more. Isabella’s death has lead to the social media hashtag #StandForIzzy that aims to highlight not only this story, but other cases of bullying that have ended tragically. If you wish to donate to Izzy’s family, hit the GoFundMe HERE.


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