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After Jen Shah was taken into federal custody, one of her Real Housewives of Salt Lake City castmates was curiously calm and viewers are wondering why.

Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

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On Sunday’s episode of #RHOSLC, viewers saw the continuation of Shah’s arrest for alleged fraud, and one of her castmates acting completely unfazed by it. As previously reported Jen was seen alongside fellow housewives boarding a bus to travel to Vail, Colorado for a cast trip when she got a mysterious phone call.

Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

Source: Bravo / Bravo TV

A shook-up Jen told fellow housewife Heather Gay that she had “some bad news” and said her husband was hospitalized with “internal bleeding.” She then told the other ladies about her husband’s current “condition” and she left expeditiously while telling them that she might join the cast trip later.

Despite her acting shocked and alleging that her husband was hospitalized, the housewife was taken into custody that same day by Homeland Security and NYPD who swarmed the #RHOSLC van before raiding her house.

When news of Jen’s arrest hit, her fellow housewives were seen looking shocked and clamoring for answers. Lisa Barlow in particular talked to six of her lawyers and shed tears wondering if she’d somehow be implicated. Several of the ladies also wondered how the feds would know Jen Shah’s exact location and deduced that someone must have told them.

According to Lisa, that person might be her bestie, Meredith Marks.

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City - Season 1

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“I think Meredith might know something,” said Lisa while covering her mouth with her hand. “I mean, I’m dead serious—because of some other stuff…”

With that, she called Meredith who wasn’t on the van because she was checking on the vacation home she rented for the group in Vail. While Lisa and the other ladies were noticeably frazzled, Meredith was completely calm upon hearing the news.

“Honestly, I’m not surprised by this,” said Meredith. “Too many things didn’t add up, and I’ve suspected that something was going on for a while,” Meredith added noting that she feels “validated that I was right. I’m not crazy. That’s the bottom line. feel like you guys really don’t [know her] I feel like I kind of did. And not anyone really wanted to listen or believe me. But that’s okay.”

Later, Mary Cosby [who also wasn’t on the van] came to Meredith Marks’ Vail vacation home and met up with the fellow housewife who was luxuriating and taking a bubble bath amid the chaos.

Mary asked Meredith if she was shocked about the Jen news, and Meredith doubled down and said she’s “not” while curiously bringing up a possible “insider”…

Mary: “My heart’s broken, I just found out when I got here. FBI doesn’t get involved unless there’s fact…”

Meredith: “Unless there was, like, an insider who gave them the information. I have been traumatized and terrorized — me, my family, my business — for almost two years by this woman. And I just waited quietly because I don’t point my fingers when I don’t have the facts. And you know what? This now suddenly adds up. Do I still say that she may be innocent? Sure, of course, it’s possible. Do I believe it?”

[No] mimed the housewife while shaking her head.


With that, some fans think that the FBI insider was Meredith herself.

Interestingly enough, Meredith was previously asked on an episode of “Watch What Happens Live” if she tipped the feds off to Jen’s location. The jewelry designer wouldn’t confirm nor deny and instead coyly said;

“Andy, haven’t you heard me tell everyone not to come after my family?”

Meredith has been at odds with Jen for alleged tweets she wrote shading Meredith’s son Brooks. Jen claimed she had a “social media manager” who tweeted and liked comments about Meredith’s son’s sexuality, but Meredith didn’t buy it.

Throughout Sunday’s episode, Meredith continued to keep calm and wondered why people are “so shocked” about Jen’s arrest.


Jen Shah is currently is facing federal charges of conspiracy to commit wire fraud in connection with telemarketing, and conspiracy to commit money laundering in connection with a massive multi-year telemarketing scam. The reality star’s assistant Stuart Smith was also arrested and faces the same charges. The two pleaded not guilty during an arraignment in April.

See her and the other ladies react to her arrest on the #RHOSLC after show below.



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