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Nas, never afraid to speak his mind, blasted Messy Jesse for making that infamous out of pocket statement:

“I think Jesse Jackson, he’s the biggest player hater. His time is up. All you old n****s, time is up. We heard your voice, we saw your marching, we heard your sermons. We don’t wanna hear that s**t no more.

“It’s a new day. It’s a new voice. I’m here now. We don’t need Jesse; I’m here. I got this. We got Barack, we got David Banners and Young Jeezys.

“We’re the voice now. It’s no more Jesse. Sorry. Goodbye. You ain’t helping nobody in the ‘hood. That’s the bottom line. Goodbye, Jesse. Bye!”

But he had nothing but kind words for Kanye West and Lil Wayne:

“I think Kanye West saved rap. I think Lil Wayne is showing there is a future for all kinds of artists to continue doing this.”

Click HERE to watch Nas talk about how Messy Jesse played himself on “Faux” News.

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    I concur Nasir Jones!!!!!!

  • Change is on the Way! YES WE CAN!!!


  • hood boy from France America is a nightmare

    third i’m back !!!

  • Larry

    David Banner? Steve Rifkin owns his Soul….Young jeezy?!?!?!? Sheezzh…To put those two in the same sentence with Barack Obama…C’mon nas.

  • abc

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  • Changing The Game

    I would concur if you didn’t name your album the n word.

  • Doagae

    @Larry(Check me out!)

    David Banner? Steve Rifkin owns his Soul….Young jeezy?!?!?!? Sheezzh…To put those two in the same sentence with Barack Obama…C’mon nas.


    I could really kiss you for this comment….lol for real. I was thinking the same thing….and Kanye saved Hip Hop? Shiiiiiit….Kanye saved Hip Hop like Coolio and Hammer did…WTF-ever….

  • M. DOT

    Nas is right.

  • He's Presidential

    I know one thing for sure I don’t look to the rappers for any type of influence not what I buy to what I eat or what I want to believe. Whoever he was referring to those are same people who need to pick up a book read a newspaper or do their own research so they can make their own informed decision.

  • Just Sayin


    YES WE CAN!!!

  • Changing The Game

    David Banner – “Get Like Me” sure sounds like the next black anthem…

    (insert) Reggie Bush time to change chicks. Try a sista this time around.

  • princess07

    I agree with the statement that Jesse is one of the biggest haters, but to say that we don’t need him anymore is an understatement. Jesse did some wonderful things in his day, but right now, we need him to get his act together and be a better supporter of Jesse. For him to say that he thought the microphones were off in my opinion was a lie on his part. Jesse’s been in the business too long to know that the mics are never off. Don’t sell us short Jesse! We has black folks need to take heed and stick together. Get off that damn couch and start excercising your rights to vote. The Polls are not going to come to you….you got to go to the polls. Remember the scars and strips of our Savior Jesus Christ for our freedom. ROCK THE VOTE!!!!


    Patrick Hernandez was just months from escaping the violent streets of his Queens neighborhood for college when a shotgun blast took his life Thursday.

    Hernandez, 18, an honor roll student and a football standout who graduated from Far Rockaway High School six months early, was hit in the chest at 10:30 a.m.

    He bled to death on Beach 16th St., just blocks from his tight-knit family’s home.

    “He was a good boy, a scholar-athlete,” said his heartbroken father, James Hayes. “He was leaving these streets. We were trying to get him out of The Rock.”

    “He was the best thing I ever gave to this world,” said Hayes, 35. “I’m just grateful his brother was with him so he didn’t have to die alone.”

    Hernandez, the third teenager killed in the rough-and-tumble neighborhood since May, was to attend SUNY Cortland this fall and leave behind the neighborhood rocked by a surge in violence, his family said.

    He had spent the morning helping clean up a local beach and was walking home with his brother, 16-year-old Ralphael Jones.

    Suddenly, a blue sedan with tinted windows pulled up alongside the siblings, and a teenager hopped out of the passenger seat, pointing the long-barreled weapon at the brothers, Ralphael said.

    “He shouted, ‘What now?'” said Ralphael. “He had a shotgun with a black T-shirt around it. It was already pumped.” The gun roared once, firing into Hernandez’s chest.

    “He stumbled, ran a little bit and then fell down,” said Ralphael. “I said, ‘Pat, hold on, hold on.'”

    “I held his hand and said, ‘Pat, I love you,’ but he couldn’t say anything,” Ralphael said. “He was trying hard to breathe, and then he just passed.”

    The sedan raced away, but Ralphael said he recognized the gunman as an area thug who had a longstanding rivalry with his brother. An NYPD source said detectives were interviewing a suspect at the 101st Precinct stationhouse, but no charges had been filed.

    Hernandez’s friends said the suspect had worked with the victim at the city Summer Youth Employment Program and had held a grudge against him since grade school.

    Hernandez, who did not have an arrest record, had been spending the summer working at a Victoria’s Secret and at the employment program. He was planning to major in philosophy at Cortland, his grieving family said.

    “He always thought of others before himself,” said his mother, Elizabeth. “Patrick was special, and nobody can ever give me my Patrick back.”

    “He was so beautiful. He was an Adonis,” said his grandmother Shirley Hayes, adding that Hernandez was his school’s senior prom king.

    “We’re devastated, devastated beyond belief,” she said. “He was a football hero for the whole neighborhood.”

    Hernandez had been his high school team’s starting strong safety for two years and was his squad’s backup quarterback this past season, his football coach said. “He was a good leader on the team and a good role model on the field,” said coach Walter Wilkerson. “The other kids looked up to him.”

    “I thought he’d be someone who I’d see three or four years from now and say, ‘Hey, this kid made it.'”

    About 60 grieving friends and relatives held a candlelight vigil for Hernandez outside the 101st Precinct stationhouse last night. Then they walked a block to his home, sang “Amazing Grace” and prayed.





  • SharonG

    Basically , what I meant is that Banner and Jeezy can relate to the younger ppl who wants to vote for Barrack and that Mr. Jackson had his time, now its time for the young ppl to speak on their behalf.



    lol u silly

  • Just for fun

    Totally agree ! It is a new day and it was wise of BO to stay clear of all these Past Day Marchers never did anything for anyone but themselves thats why they are still mad at the world


    @ Diamond Cheers:

    Sorry to hear that.. God bless you and your family!

  • Greatestloveofall

    …truth, as far as politics goes, I meant to say!! Hip-Hop is another issue. Rappers like himself and Kanye do and say positive things in their music, but the other side of it is DAMAGING!! I’ll stick to my 90’s R&B, thank you very much.

  • Kevin W.

    Nas is exactly right about Jesse Jackson. Someone should stick a pistol up his ass. But Young Jeezy and David Banner? Their music is hot, but I wouldn’t want them going to kids schools for show and tell.

  • Just_Wanna_Know

    I have to say I agree with his comments on Jesse. He’s not helping anything but his bank account. Next!

  • bree

    ironically, Nas was more politically correct speaking about the rap artists than the ‘politician’ Jesse

  • Ajaxx

    I agree with him saying we have David Banner. Believe it or not David Banner has done sooooo much for the community and stands behind a lot of issues.

  • He's Presidential

    Diamond Cheers sorry to hear about your cousin that’s sad… I just hope people look beyond these rappers as a source for voting…

  • Envy Me (That MCM Bag in Bloomingdales is calling my name)

    Damn…i love Nas


  • delarocka

    what jessie jackson said:

    why is everyone so stun about it, trust me he is not

    the fist black politians to say something negeative about another black person….the fact is jessie got caught first

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