Gilbert Arenas and Javaris Crittenton Are Suspended for the Rest of the Season Without Pay!!

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This is what happens to boneheads that do bonehead things:

An incident that embarrassed the Washington Wizards franchise and disgraced two of its players moved closer to resolution on Wednesday, when NBA Commissioner David Stern suspended guards Gilbert Arenas and Javaris Crittenton without pay for the remainder of the season after they displayed handguns during a locker room dispute last month. Stern reached his decision after an hour-long meeting with Arenas at the NBA offices in New York. He later released a statement that said guns in an NBA workplace “would not be tolerated.”

Arenas learned of his fate during the meeting and asked the National Basketball Players Association not to challenge Stern’s decision.

Arenas’s criminal attorney, Ken Wainstein, accompanied him with Stern on Wednesday and released a statement that read: “Mr. Arenas recognizes that his actions were a serious violation of the law and league rules and were detrimental to the NBA and its reputation. He accepts full responsibility for what he did, and takes no issue with the length of the suspension or the process that led to the Commissioner’s decision. It is Mr. Arenas’ hope that this punishment will serve an important purpose, as a strong reminder of the responsibility that he and all NBA players have to set the right example with their conduct on and off the court.”

According to a statement released by the players’ union, Crittenton, who met with Stern on Tuesday, has not reached a decision on whether he would file an appeal regarding the severity of the suspension. Stern said both players expressed remorse and were contrite during their meetings; “nevertheless, there is no justification for their conduct.”

Two league sources said that Stern was contemplating suspending Arenas for 82 games but elected for remainder of the season after talking with Billy Hunter, the union’s executive director. In a conference call with reporters, Stern said that he hopes the length of the suspensions sends a clear message to players and “if there is any doubt with our players in the future, we will be dealing with this in an even more severe way.”

Damn. Sucks to be them…


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  • Msholliday


  • Nique

    ****playing the world’s smallest violin****

  • MadeByChevy25

    Damn fools..

  • Taisha from Chicago!

    Ouch!!! Well I guess being suspended for the rest of the season without pay is a hell of a lot better than the NBA Commissioner announcing that they were terminated indefinitely…..

  • statim08

    You reap what you sow. Stiff penalty but entirely justified.

  • lt


  • Drenk

    HAHAHAHA keep living the thug IMAGE and see how quick your money disappears dummies!!

  • da darkness

    civil liberties are constantly being taken away. no right to bare arms for everybody

  • FiveStarish

    Good for these fools to lose money, because that’s all they care about. Here I am struggling to work a 9 to 5 and save up for a 42″ flat screen and they pulling guns out at work over some chump change.

  • Slide Like A Fresh Pair of Gators

    Don’t be mad UPS is hiring…

    Who’s suprised they are two shooting guards…

  • bklynlady



  • nolia.slim

    That’s a fair punishment. Crittenton is a scrub so his NBA career is probably over. Arenas better hope Wizards don’t terminate his 111million dollar contract.


  • Professor X

    Suspended? How about JAILED?

  • Prime

    LMAO @ Slide Like A Fresh Pair of Gators

  • mzdiva


  • Silk32

    That was to be expected. Somewhere former NBA Deputy Commissioner, Simon Gourdine, must be shaking his head at the fact that current players have reneged on their obligation to be ambassadors for a league built by Doc, Bird, Magic and Jordan. It wasn’t too long ago that the NBA was thought to be “too black” and “drug infested” to every reach the mainstream. To learn more go to

  • Drenk

    Who’s suprised they are two shooting guards…

    BADUM CHING!! good one slide, got me crackin up

  • Where da Hoez ?

    Good for them ! Where is the jail time ?

  • thatbrutha

    They are idiots! Money gone! Do you folks know how much money these FOOLS just lost!
    For some of you imagine a years salary after taxes every two weeks!


    Should be banned doe life DUMBAS.SES




    Why are all these loosers getting attention? If I lower my standards considerably will I get attention and millions of dollars for no reason?
    SMH @ pathetic Americans

  • Brotherman

    Now two things need to happen:

    1. Arenas be sentensed for at least 2 years in jail taking into account that this is his second gun offence

    2. The Wizards void his contract

    That’ll fix his monkey a.s.s



    “Don’t be mad UPS is hiring…

    Who’s suprised they are two shooting guards…”

    Oh…so you a comedy writer these days!?!(LOL)

  • p

    and there’s work at the Post Office too……huh!!!

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