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T.I. and Tiny have responded to Felicia Moore’s claims that their misinformation on strip clubs helped ruin her run-off chances to become mayor.

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The Atlanta Mayoral race is over and now, Atlanta will be moving on from having a Mayor named Keisha to a Mayor named Dre.

What many thought would be a close runoff between Felicia Moore and Andre Dickens turned out to be an easy victory for Dickens–but how did things switch so easily? Felicia Moore thinks it’s due to misinformation that she wanted to “stop strip clips from operating in Atlanta.”

Moore blames T.I. as one of the people with the biggest platforms that help spread what is allegedly a lie. Of course, as soon as Tip woke up, he wasted no time grabbing his dictionary and loading up with words to tell Felicia about herself. In a 15 minute video, The King of the South questioned why she would suggest he needs to stay out of politics.

“If you’re saying you didn’t really plan to close down the strip clubs, whatever… That’s old news, now,” he said. “You lost sight of one thing; This culture. The creatives in this city, we run this town. … She say that celebrities shouldn’t even be involved with politics. That sounds eerily similar to when people said to LeBron, ‘Shut up and dribble.’ Right? You see it’s that very energy, the tone of that, is the reason why you aren’t fit to sit in the seat of the mayor of Atlanta. You don’t understand, you dig? We run this town.”

T.I. is one of the most influential voices in the city, so hearing anyone suggest he not be a part of politics is wild to hear. He helped cultivate the same hip-hop culture in Atlanta every politician tries to tap into when they are running for office. Perhaps telling T.I. to “mind his business” might be worse than if she did threaten to close strip clubs in retrospect.

Felicia also brought up T.I.’s sexual abuse allegations, claiming in a weird way he should have learned from that in relation to alleged misinformation. Still, T.I. stuck to the same stance on the allegations in his response.

“Exactly what were fake, false allegations supposed to teach me, ma’am?” he asked. “When y’all lied on me I didn’t call TMZ crying about it. I rode my ride out. I took mine, carried my weight.”


Tiny responded by posting a clip from Felicia’s TMZ interview in a playful manner, asking if the failed mayoral candidate was issuing threats.

That’s not all, however, T.I. also called into V-103 Atlanta to blast the politician for being a sore loser while defending his previous “closing the strip clubs” social media post.

“I posted on Instagram what I thought to be true and there’s a video that supports the claim.” He went on to share that the majority of the population gets information on political candidates from social media and does not believe he should be held to a higher standard of vetting information than the general public. “I’m not The Wall Street Journal,” he quipped.

Watch T.I. respond to Felicia Moore below.


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