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It looks like Porsha Williams doesn’t have to worry about introducing another participant into her relationship.

Porsha Williams Private Birthday Celebration

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Though he admits to growing up in a culture where a man having multiple wives is normal, Simon Guobadia took to Instagram this week to declare that he will always be a man who dedicates himself to one woman, and one woman only.

On Thursday, December 9, Porsha’s fiancé took to Instagram to share a picture featuring a message about his beliefs.

The message reads: “Unequivocally, I’m a one man one wife individual.” He went on to say, “My grandfather having 25 wives 100 years ago or my father having 2 wives 56 years ago, bears no relevance to my life today other than for historical context.”

Guobadia even doubled down on his statement in the caption, saying that Nigerian culture has adapted to the point where most men today have only one wife, despite their history of polygamy.

“My Nigerian culture and law allows for a man to have multiple wives, and this can vary by regions and part of Nigeria. The reality however is that most Nigerian relationships today are one man one wife,” he wrote. “I have a responsibility to ensure I’m accurate in my utterances regardless of the platform I use to share my opinions and thought.”

This clarification from Simon comes after a November episode of Bravo’s Porsha’s Family Matters, where he revealed his upbringing to his fiancée.

“I come from a family where there was abundant love, but there wasn’t enough to go around,” the 57-year-old told Porsha, adding that there were “so many kids, so many wives.”

He went on to explain, “Where I come from, there’s nothing abnormal about having different women. As a matter of fact, there’s women from my part of the country that tell their husbands, ‘You can have one side b***h.’ And from time to time, the wife and the side b***h get together and make sure there’s not another side b***h.”

At one point in their conversation, the reality star asked her fiancé if he has ever cheated, to which he replied, “Of course, everybody has cheated.”

As fans watched the episode, they urged Porsha to leave Simon, saying this whole conversation was a huge red flag.
But, according to Simon, his fiancée has nothing to worry about.


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