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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Source: Real Housewives of Atlanta / Bravo

Simon Guoabadia’s ex-wife is accusing the businessman of not only subliminally shading her but “stalking” her social media and sending unwanted packages to her home. Falynn Pina sent out a series of irate messy messages Tuesday accusing Porsha Williams’ fiancé of still obsessing over their marriage that officially ended via a divorce finalized in July. 

Falynn also called out #RHOA fans who’ve been adamant that “Simon was right” amid his accusations that she “cheated and was pregnant by her assistant Jaylan Banks.”  Falynn and Jaylan recently announced via their joint YouTube channel that they’re expecting. 

“I will NOT continue to be bullied for s*** I did not do!!! Idk how many f****g times I have say this s***, “wrote Falynn whose been proudly posting pregnancy pictures. “I DID NOT CHEAT ON MY EX. We had a silent mutual understanding that him and I, BOTH, were done with the marriage and we went our separate ways before we vent went public in regards to our divorce.”

She then set her sights on Simon and his “narcissistic antics” that allegedly included a dig at her three sons who Simon allegedly said would work in fast food…

“You filed the second time after I told you I wasn’t going to take your narcissist antic anymore! Only after you told m that I should “reconsider” reconciling with you bc without you, my children would end up working at Burger King or McDonald’s. OUR MARRIAGE, as beautiful as it was while it lasted, also F**** SUCKED for both parties involved even BEFORE we got married. We had some real issues and probably had no business being married.”


and she accused him of sending shade via social media captions and packages delivered to her new house.

“Why do you continue to stalk and post about anything I’m doing?” Falynn wrote. “It’s one thing to speak on your past in a way of maturity, growth, healing, etc. … but no, you’re out here sending packages to our f—ing house and posting subliminal captions quoting everything Jaylan and I say on our social media towards one another as if somebody did something to you.”

Wow, do YOU think he’s been shadily sending packages to Falynn and Jaylan?

Jaylan Banks told TheShadeRoom that Simon somehow got the address to their new home in Duluth, Georgia but didn’t elaborate on what was allegedly sent.


During Falynn’s rant, she also brought up Simon getting engaged to her “castmate/ someone she had around outside of filming [RHOA]” and most importantly, demanded that Simon move on for good.

So I leave you with this: It’s one thing to speak on your past in a way of maturity, growth, healing, etc. but NO you’re out here sending packages to our f***g house and posting subliminal captions quoting everything Jaylan and I say on our social media. You’re mad bc I got into a relationship with my best friend. Cool. You got engaged to my cast mate/someone I had around us outside of filming. BOOM, B***! Everyone f****g wins! We both ain’t s***.  How’s that for REALNESS?

NOW READ THIS!!! I DO NOT GIVE AF ABOUT YOU and neither does Jaylan. I’m tired of talking about this irrelevant a** s***. Please move on with your pursuit of happiness and leave me alone!!!

She ended her rant with claims that Simon has been shadily trying to have Jaylan banned from local Atlanta establishments.

“The staff are laughing at you and telling us. It’s not working in your favor. So stop.”

You can read Falynn’s lengthy rant to her ex below.

So far Simon has yet to respond.

His most recent was about being in his “first workaholic relationship” with Porsha Williams whom he rented out a private jet for.

That caption could very well be some subtle shade.

What do YOU think???


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