Sharelle Rosado And The Stars Of "Selling Tampa" Talk DM Diving & More!

BOSSIP Exclusive: The Stunners of ‘Selling Tampa’ Talk DM Diving, Shady Faces And Baddies Behaving On Reality TV!

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We’re just a day away from the debut of “Selling Tampa” on Netflix!

Group Photo Selling Tampa Production Stills and Cast Portraits

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BOSSIP Sr. Content Director Janeé Bolden spoke with the women of Allure Reality ahead of the premiere of their new Netflix show “Selling Tampa,” from the same producers as the highly rated “Selling Sunset” franchise. We asked Allure Realty’s owner and head broker Sharelle Rosado if she watched “Selling Sunset” before being contacted by the show’s executive producer Adam Divello and she revealed that, not only did she loved “Selling Sunset,” but that she actually was proactive about forging a relationship with Adam Divello.

Selling Tampa Production Stills and Cast Portraits

Source: Netflix / Netflix

“We had producers reaching out to us before,” Rosado told BOSSIP. “Everybody know I’m good sliding in DM’s. I did my research on producers and I was like ‘if I’m going to do a reality tv show that revolves around the brokerage, I want the best of the best, so I added Adam on Instagram and liked his pictures and added him on Facebook. Then a day later he had Skylar reach out to me and was like ‘Have you guys considered doing a reality tv show?’ I was like ‘We have a few people talking to us.’ He was like, ‘Have you signed anything?’ I told him ‘No, but we did interviews and they love what they see.’ And the next day he sent paper work from his lawyers. I waited two days because I didn’t want to look too desperate but I was like , ‘Holy sh** ladies, they want us!”

Selling Tampa Production Stills and Cast Portraits

Source: Netflix / Netflix

We had to ask Allure’s agent and office manager Juawana Colbert-Williams about being stuck with the nicknamed “HR” by the other agents on the show and often being villainized in the series — however we did concede she’s not QUITE as villainized as “Selling Sunset” baddie Christine Quinn.

“Let’s hope!” Juawana laughed before continuing. “It doesn’t matter to me. I am who I am. I’m not here to make friends, I’m here to close deals and I’m here to support Sharelle, so let the cards fall where they may.”

Selling Tampa Production Stills and Cast Portraits

Source: Netflix / Netflix

We were excited to talk to Allure agent Tenille Moore because she definitely is sort of the troublemaker of the brokerage, often sliding in shady comments and never hiding her true feelings on her face.

“Everyone is like you cannot hide your facial expressions and I just… It is what it is,” Tenille agreed. “I’m like the memes… like something crazy.”

As viewers will soon discover, Alexis Williams is a bit of an underdog on the series. From the very first episode she’s singled out for not achieving high sales numbers and Sharelle pairs her with Tenille to try and boost her position. We asked if she would have done anything differently during production and Williams kept positive with her answer.

Selling Tampa Production Stills and Cast Portraits

Source: Netflix / Netflix

“Of course there were things I wish I could have done differently, but for myself, not because there were cameras on me,” Alexis told BOSSIP. “Everything happens the way it is supposed to, and it gives me an opportunity to recognize I need to get out there and I need to hustle and I need to network network and those are the things that I need to do to get to where I need to be and once I do that the future is pretty open from there.”

With the series making a huge shift in representation from the mostly white “Selling Sunset” cast to the mostly Black “Selling Tampa,” we also had to ask how mindful the ladies of Allure Reality were about how Black women are perceived on reality TV.

“At the end of the day we’re not only a brokerage, we’re women,” Sharelle told BOSSIP. “We have to show the world that us as Black women don’t have to express or communicate like that. We don’t have to fight. It’s okay to communicate and it’s okay to have your opinion and have a little confusion but at the end of the day we some back together and we talk it out, whether we agree to disagree we know how to come back together and at the end of the day we are a family.”

We love to see it and we can’t wait for you to see “Selling Tampa.” The series premieres December 15 on Netflix.



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