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No, you cannot be a cop anymore, sir. Tf?!

Breonna Taylor One Year Anniversary

Source: The Washington Post / Getty

He tried it.

Former Louisville police officer Myles Cosgrove really believed that he still deserved to walk around with a gun and badge after he discharged his service pistol recklessly 16 times and subsequently killed Breonna Taylor. Last year, then-Police Chief Yvette Gentry, a Black woman, sent Cosgrove a letter that was made public announcing his immediate termination for violating policy regarding deadly force.

She said that the shots he fired went in three different directions “indicating you did not verify a threat or have target acquisition.”

“In other words, the evidence shows that you fired wildly at unidentified subjects or targets within an apartment,” the letter stated.

During Wednesday’s merit board meeting, a motion was made to uphold the decision to dismiss Cosgrove based on evidence received. The board voted 5-2 to uphold his termination.

We can only imagine what type of lame-a** argument those 2 votes made for bringing this fool back onto the force. As we know, there were no criminal charges handed down as a result of this killing so the very LEAST they could do is fire the cops.


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