Kash Doll Shuts Down Birth Rumors And Haters Calling Her Son's Name Ghetto

‘It’s Always The Broke And Bothered!’ Kash Doll Destroys Haters Who Called Her Baby’s Name ‘Ghetto,’ Clears Up Birth Rumors

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“I thought kids were off-limits. Y’all don’t give a f*ck!”

Points were definitely made!

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Kash Doll is fed up with the endless commentary from haters. The Internet has made a sport of picking apart the rapper’s age, fashion, dance moves, and now, her journey into motherhood. Kash Doll should be focused on resting as much as possible, preparing for the birth of her son, and staying safe during the ongoing pandemic instead of dealing with stress and scrutiny. And with that in mind, she took to Instagram Live to call out trolls and shut down rumors that she’d already given birth.

“Don’t try me when I’m outside,” Kash warned at the beginning of her live stream. “Y’all sit up here and stalk me, stalk everything about the baby to talk sh*t. He’s not even here yet! That’s why I’m not posting him.”

Once Kash announced her pregnancy with baby daddy Tracy T nothing was off-limits and jokes have been flying about everything from her baby shower to the look of her baby bump.

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When the Detroit native shared that she will name her son Kashton Prophet Knight Richardson, people criticized that, too, calling the name “ghetto”. Kash, whose legal name is Arkeisha Antoinette Knight, had plenty to say about that.

“It’s giving obsessed, and then going to be mad when I don’t upload him. Kids are off limits,” she said while folding baby clothes. “If whatever it is ghetto, so what? I’m ghetto. I’m from the hood. Let me be ghetto in peace!”

The rapper can’t wait for her bundle of joy to get here, but don’t congratulate her on the new arrival just yet. She set the record straight that she still hasn’t given birth.

“No, I did not give birth! I don’t know why that’s trending. I’m still pregnant.”

Kash tilted the camera down to show off the big baby bump under her animal print robe, comparing it to a bowling ball.

Even though trolls targeting her unborn child set off those protective motherly instincts, the BMF star said she won’t let the hate ruin her joy.

“It’s always the broke and bothered,” Kash said. “And here my dumb a** goes, rich and bothered. Why am I letting these broke and bothered people bother my rich a**? I’m crazy! I think it’s because it’s my kid.”

Both motherhood and the pandemic are a bigger threat to Black women’s lives. The last thing Kash Doll needs is even more stress at a time like this.

Watch the video of her venting below.


We’re wishing Kash Doll and baby a peaceful pregnancy and safe delivery!




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