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Congress is requesting more information about the deadly Astroworld tragedy.

Houston Authorities Continue Investigation Into Trampling Deaths At Astroworld Concert

Source: Brandon Bell / Getty

We’re currently weeks out from Travis Scott’s Astroworld Festival and it seems the blame and cause of the mishap is still pretty much up in the air. While public opinion is obviously pointing blame to Travis Scott, that is mainly because he holds the name of the festival. Beyond public opinion, a cause or person is directly responsible and that will be the main factor in lawsuits and anything regarding accountability.

Travis is already teaming up with organizations to make concerts safer, which is obviously an important first step. Now, it seems Congress is getting involved and wanting to know exactly what went wrong according to a letter obtained by TMZ.

We are writing to request information regarding the tragic events on November 5, 2021, when a stampede crushed concertgoers, killing ten people and injuring hundreds more during Astroworld Music Festival. Those who died ranged in age from 9 to 27 years old.1 Concert attendees have provided firsthand accounts of being crushed within the crowd as it surged towards the stage.2 Live Nation Entertainment (Live Nation) was the concert promoter reportedly responsible for “planning, staffing, putting up money, securing permits, finding vendors, communicating with local agencies,” for Astroworld Festival.3

One interesting thing about the letter is Travis Scott isn’t mentioned once—the main focus is on Live Nation and their production of the event and safety protocols. Also mentioned were rumors they withheld paychecks from workers until they signed waivers saying they wouldn’t sue.

At this point, a direct response from Live Nation will be needed back to congress by January 7th.


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