Twitter Reacts To The Warm & Fuzzy "Insecure" Series Finale

Thriving In Abundance, Limitless: “Insecure” Ends With Issa & Her Girls Having It All, Sends Social Media Into Swoonlivion

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Issa and Lawrence!

Insecure Final Season assets

Source: Raymond Liu/HBO

After 5 seasons of relatable shenanigans, Issa and her lovable crew found their happy in life (well, except for Tiffany) during a time-hopping series finale that sent social media spiraling into swoonlivion.

In the slightly extended episode, viewers were whisked from celebration to celebration that included Molly and Taurean’s lavish wedding and Kelli’s pregnancy announcement.

Ending how it started, the series used birthdays to show the happiness and growth of Issa, Molly, and Kelli who exemplified Black women having it all.

Insecure Final Season assets

Source: Raymond Liu/HBO

We also see Nathan scamper out of Issa’s life (again) and slither back (again) after his tender tussle with Lawrence who finally got the love of his back.

At one point, we thought the series would end with Issa choosing herself over Nathan and Lawrence but we knew better. Issa was always going to end up with Lawrence who may have popped the question based on the unexplained ring on her finger.

Overall, “Insecure” gave viewers what they wanted in a heartfelt finale that served as a love letter for the beloved series.

“In some ways, their lives are just getting started,” said Issa in an interview with EW.

“Issa has this business that is thriving, and she’s in this relationship with Lawrence, and who knows whether or not she is helping him raise Elijah, that he’s a part of her life. That’s not the ending that she imagined, so navigating that is work. Kelli and her new role working alongside a friend [Molly], there story is right there, in addition to navigating a child she never thought that she wanted with a partner that she decided to have a child with. Tiffany [Amanda Seales] is pregnant again, separated from all her friends in Denver.

These are stories that we can continue to tell in a sixth season, and that we’d be excited to tell. Actually, not necessarily excited to tell because the story is over [Laughs], but the point is that those are stories that could be told, and I think that that freed us in that way. Of course, Molly, already low key irritated with her husband on her honeymoon, come on, there’s so much to tell there. [Laughs]

What was your fave moment from the finale? Tell us down below and peep the best (and funniest) reactions on the flip.

“Issa’s not a step-mother, she’s a mother that STEPPED UP” *HOWLS*

“Lawrence at the end of #InsecureHBO” – haaaaa

“Fixed it for y’all” – this threeeead

“Don’t let that break baby get in the way of true love” – amen

“yeah Lawrence gotta kid…..but he got a furnished house with an island kitchen and multiple bedrooms with a well funded 401K….issa did the right thing….we wish Nathan and his shape up endeavors the best” – pettyyy

“Moral of the story, you can kiss as many frogs as you want… you’re still gonna end up with your ex #InsecureHBO #InsecureSeriesFinale” – welppp

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“Lawrence & Issa Hive, y’all won!” – *cackles*

“Nathan still in his barbershop, 2031:” – now, see…

“Lawrence getting a cut from Nathan after he got his ol lady back” – ayeee

“Tiffany miserable af in Colorado.. #InsecureHBO #InsecureSeriesFinale” – this pic tho

“Idk who needs to hear it but put that phone down, don’t text that n*gga. This is a tv show & the n*gga you bout to text is poor!!” – *falls down the stairs*


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