“Insecure” is officially over and fans are reeling with season “Byeve” blues.  During last night’s finale, several things took place including Issa Dee getting her happy ending, a big baby surprise, a fairytale wedding, and a HUGE win for a certain hive. 


On the very last episode of “Insecure”, viewers watched Issa (Issa Rae), Molly (Yvonne Orji), Kelli (Natasha Rothwell), and Tiffany (Amanda Seales) move through life at warp speed via their birthday celebrations.


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Each character’s birthday brought a storyline progressing twist but before that—-we saw the aftermath of Nathan and Lawrence’s tender tussle. Nathan officially ended things with Issa after hearing Lawrence’s love declaration and notes that it’s all “too messy” for him.  “This ain’t good for me,” says Nathan.

Issa Rae

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Fast forward to Molly’s birthday and the crew has new developments; Kelli’s got a new man named Desmond and Molly is officially booed up with Taurean whose family she’s meeting for the first time. The ladies later meet up at Tiffany’s picture-perfect house in Denver and learn that Tiff hates being a “Real Housewife of Denver.”

In the kitchen, a wine-sipping Issa gets grilled by Molly about Lawrence.

“What would you have said to Lawrence if Nathan hadn’t interrupted?” asks Molly while Issa tries to cooly play it off;

“I don’t know, it’s too late anyway,” replies Issa.


S U R E.

After that, there’s bad news; Molly’s mom has died and a devastated Molly crumbles in Issa’s arms.

We then learn that Lawrence is faring much better and celebrating a birthday complete with Facetime from his mom who asks about “good, clean, one braid” having Condola clearly expressing her approval.

The FaceTime is interrupted by Issa who asks if she can take Lawrence out for his birthday—but he declines because he has plans with an unnamed woman who comes in and kisses him.

There’s lots more to unpack after that including Kelli expecting a baby with her new man Desmond…

Issa Rae

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but it all leads up to a BIG moment when Lawrence comes to take a tour of Issa’s office space for The Blocc.

“You went from ‘We Got Y’all’ to ‘I got my own,'” says an impressed Lawrence.

Issa then goes into a speech about “doubting herself” and wondering if things will work out.

“I doubted myself, going back and forth about what I wanted, being scared to waste my time and look stupid in case none of it worked out,” says Issa. “And then I realized that it was all in my head. No one doubted me, except for me.”

It’s clearly a metaphor for Issa and Lawrence’s relationship and Lawrence catches on.

“Do you think it will work out? asks Lawrence.

Issa affirms that she does with a searing kiss.

Near the end of the episode, Molly marries Taurean in a gorgeous wedding and shares a beautiful moment with Issa.

Issa Rae

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Did we mention that Lawrence was Issa’s wedding date?


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After the wedding Issa takes a drive down memory lane [litearlly] before coming home to Lawrence. The two kiss while Elijah, Lawrence’s son with Condola, helps decorate a cake for Issa. Issa’s also rocking a ring symbolizing their engagement.

Insecure Final Season assets

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Source: Raymond Liu / HBO

According to show creator Issa, she HAD to have Issa Dee have her happy ending with Lawrence. Why? Well because that’s ultimately what the character wanted; her SOULMATE.

“And you know, we had different endings in mind,” Issa told The L.A. Times’ “The Envelope” podcast. “And as the season progressed and I became Issa Dee — you know, it’s one thing to write for her and then to become her — I found myself missing him. And I found that, in a sense, we were denying Issa her happiness. One of our writers, Laura Kittrell, was just like, with that episode we basically said that they’re soulmates, and to deny Issa her soulmate is, in a sense, denying her her happiness.”

Issa also spoke with “The Envelope” about the decision to make characters’ birthdays the structure of the finale. In case you forgot, that’s exactly how fans first met Issa Dee, on her birthday.

“I was really excited in coming up with that,” said Issa. “Just thinking about how we wanted to shift time and obviously thinking about the pilot episode. We’re introduced to Issa on her 29th birthday, and this season in particular is about growth. So to be able to showcase that through this device was exciting to me, in addition to just tapping into my own personal life and my friendships.

As we’ve grown older, you know, our friends from high school, and almost the only guarantee that we will kick it is on each other’s birthdays,” she added. “And there’s a sadness surrounding that. It’s just like, damn, we used to just congregate at any moment, any Friday. Like that was guaranteed. And then you’re kind of relegated to, “Well, I got your birthday, girl. You know imma show up for that.”

Nice way to tie it all together, right?

Issa also added that the series finale had two alternate endings; one where she ended up with Nathan and one where she wound up with a mystery man.

“There was a scenario where she ended up with Nathan, and there was a scenario where she came home and you heard a voice, but you didn’t know who it was,” said Issa.

Would YOU have been here for that or are you happy to see Issa with Lawrence?

Issa Rae

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What did YOU think about last night’s “Insecure” series finale? Did you enjoy the ending?


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