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A Klan-ish Karen in Dover, New Hampshire, just found out the hard way that keeping her just-barely-existent lips sewn together would’ve caused her less grief than calling a Black child the n-word and threatening to “kneel on his neck,” because some white people, for whatever reason, think Derek Chauvin murdering George Floyd makes for a good boogieman story to scare Black kids into submission.

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Last week, the New Hampshire Department of Justice published a press release announcing that 51-year-old Kristina Graper was found guilty by the Strafford County Superior Court of violating the civil rights of a nine-year-old Black child on May 10, 2021, when she threatened him and racially harassed him for accidentally breaking her white son’s toy while they were playing at a local park—which, by the way, reportedly only happened because the white child pushed the Black child causing the toy to break.

As we previously reported, Graper initially denied threatening to kneel on the boy’s neck but admitted to telling him, “You wonder why you guys get f****** kneeled on,” because, apparently, she thought it would be less racist to imply that boys fighting over toys is an exclusive characteristic of negro children and that said negro children deserve death by a cop’s knee for doing the regular-degular sh** children of all races do.

Court records also show that Graper “denied calling (the boy) a n*****, but later stated it was because ‘they’ don’t know how to shut their n*****r pie holes.’”

(Graper is the type of woman who would deny killing a man by saying she merely ran over him with her truck twice causing his death.)

Anyway, Graper’s KKKapers against the Black nine-year-old earned her an order by the court barring her from “knowingly coming within 250 feet of the victim and the victim’s family.” The court also hit Graper with a $2,500 fine that she only has to pay $500 of unless she violates the restraining order, in which case she’ll be ordered to pay the remaining $2,000.

“A violation of the terms of the injunction is a crime and may subject Ms. Graper to future civil and/or criminal penalties to include fines or incarceration,” the DOJ press release stated. “The court’s order shall remain in effect for three years but may be extended by order of the court upon motion of the Attorney General.”

So basically, Graper better learn to leave Black people TF alone and that her child can’t save her from the consequences of her own racist actions.





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