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Cardi B is calling out a hairstylist that messed up her hair for New Year’s Eve, thinking the professional did it poorly on purpose.

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In a video the rapper posted to her Instagram stories, Cardi B expressed her disdain for her latest wig, which was done by an unnamed stylist. In the clip, Cardi is clearly pissed off, saying that the professional had to intentionally mess up her hair.

“I be feeling like they be on some, ‘I don’t like this b***h so imma do some funny s**t,’” she said in the video. “Look at my f***ing hair, bro. This s**t look like a f***ing helmet… Ain’t no f***ing way a hairstylist doing hair like this.”

She continued, trying to improve her mood: “If the New Year start bad, that means good s**t gonna happen. I’m gonna enjoy myself though because on my mother, I could’ve really killed that n**** today. Deada**.”

Still unhappy about her hair on January 2, Cardi took to Twitter to ask if she can repurpose her outfit since she didn’t take any good pictures of herself.

“Soo ain’t take no good pics of me on New Years and I ain’t like my hair sooo can I wear the outfit again even tho Is posted on the innanet?” she asked her millions of followers. “The dress deserve Justice.”

Poor Bardi. There’s nothing worse than a bad hair day ruining a great outfit.


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