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This week “Tamron Hall” has an especially tough episode, featuring Carmela Wallace, the mother of late musician Juice WRLD.

Tamron Hall interviews Carmela Wallace

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We’ve got an exclusive sneak preview clip from Tuesday’s (1/11) episode where Carmela Wallace opens up about how listening to one of her son’s songs opened her eyes to the gravity of his struggles — months before his death. She specifically says she was listening to his song “Maze” and the lyrical contents had her weeping. She says she expressed her concerns to her son. Check out the clip below:


So sad right? Juice WRLD definitely expressed so many emotions in his music. We can see how a mother would be upset by how dark some of the lyrics were.

We wanted to specifically share the lyrics of “Maze” so you could understand what upset Carmela so much:


Stuck in a maze

Everything’s okay but it’s not really okay

My life’s a death race

I’m numbing my pain with codeine rain

I’m going insane

Life’s not the same

Stuck in a maze

I’m not going anywhere

My brain is going everywhere

I’m tormented every day

Mama, I’m losing my mental

The sorrows that I’ve been through

Story to be continued


I sip ill, pop pills, crack seals

Doing anything to numb the way that I feel, yeah

I chase thrills, you still crashin’ Hot Wheels

Ride a dirt bike down the ditch, see if I live

I knock my subconscious unconscious

They tell me that they can help me, I got this

Watch this, I took my demons into the bank of life and I made the biggest deposit

Without drugs, I’m losing my logic

These pills and my Pro Tools still got logic

I run, I run, I run

I run, I run, I run

It had to have really struck Carmela that he actually says “Mama, I’m losing my mental,” in the song!

Carmela’s interview with Tamron is actually her first one-on-one conversation since her son’s tragic death in 2019. We’re so glad she’s speaking up because there are so many mothers (and other loved ones) in the same or similar positions.

Rest in Peace Juice WRLD. His impact continues to live on .

Check your local listings for more information on where and when to watch tomorrow’s episode of “Tamron Hall”.


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