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Someone call Christ ASAP—because what in the mucus ministry is this?!

An Oklahoma Pastor is going viral for a bizarre portion of his sermon where he “holily” hocked up Psaliva and placed it on a parishioner’s face. Pastor Mike Todd of Tulsa’s Transformation Church took things a step too far Sunday while explaining an analogy during a sermon titled: “Receiving Vision From God Might Get Nasty.”

The clergyman did just that and got nasty by unceremoniously spitting [A LOT] into his hand before wiping it across the face of a parishioner.

“He can’t see but he can hear,” said the “Crazy Faith” author while holding spit in his hand as a man stood next to him with his eyes closed. “This is the moment where many of us are in, God is doing something and we hear him changing, we hear him even in prayer and you don’t see it clearly yet but you hear it,” added the Pastor before hocking up spit again and cradling it in his hand.

“This is where most people would not face Jesus anymore what most people would do is turn away,” he added while coughing up even more spit. “What I’m telling you is just as he’s physically standing here knowing what’s coming, God is saying; ‘Can you spiritually, physically, and emotionally be able to stand when getting the vision to receiving it might get nasty?'”

The spit was then slapped across the man’s face like aftershave as the parishioner idly stood by with gobbles of goop dripping off his face.


Pastor Mike Todd Spit

Source: YouTube 

Pastor Mike Todd Spit

Source: YouTube 


The man who received the Leviticus loogie is actually Todd’s own brother, who is a much better human being than all of us considering that having someone’s phlegm draped across one’s face is disgusting in and of itself—but especially while in the middle of a pandemic.



[36:19 for the full mucousy moment ]


Unfortunately for the phlegmy Pastor, people are none too pleased with him and he’s getting eviscerated on social media for his mucousy message. Not only that but clips of previous  Miek Todd sermons are also being called into question.




What do YOU think about Pastor Mike Todd’s spitty sermon???




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