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Nicki Minaj returns with new music featuring Lil Baby so it’s only right she gives us a cinematic masterpiece to accompany the single.

Nicki Minaj at the Diesel Store

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Nick Minaj is back in album mode and finally giving us a sneak peek at what this next era of Minaj will be like. For her latest single “Do We Have A Problem?” she didn’t hold any punches and brought looks, bars, story, and acting all for this one. The song features arguably the best rapper in the game Lil Baby.

Recently Nicki checked in with Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1 to break down working with Lil Baby.

“He and I had recorded the “Bussin” record and I didn’t feel like he LOVED it and we both didn’t feel like it really matched with him. And so weeks went by and I stumbled upon this, ‘Do We Have A Problem?” beat and just with the beat alone, I felt like, yo, this is more of a little Baby vibe. So Pee [the head of Quality Control] happened to be in LA. He was just about to leave. I said, “Pee, oh my goodness.” He was about to leave in the morning. I said, “Please come to my house and listen to this record.” I didn’t even tell him what it was for. I just said, “I just need you to come here and hear this.”

He came by. I said, “Now, listen, I know I wanted Baby to be on the first record.” I said, “But I’m leaning toward this.” I said, “I want to give Baby the first offer, just respectfully to say, hey, I told you guys you would be on the first single, but I might change it to this record. Do we have a problem?

Now, if you want to be on this song, of course, I would be more than happy to have you, but I wouldn’t ask you to do that.” You know what I’m saying? I wouldn’t impose, but I wanted to just give you the opportunity that I told you and that you have a choice to decide.”

And P was like, “Oh my God, I know Baby going to like this more because it was more melodic.” Baby is known for his melodies. So he goes, “I think Baby going to like this more.” P liked it more. And then sure enough, when Baby heard it, he did like it more. And then, and then we couldn’t decide so we said, you know what, let’s put both of the records out.

When it comes to the visual Nicki over-delivered dropping a stunning nine-minute video directed by Benny Boom. Nicki plays an agent in the video who got the drop on a top criminal organization.


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