DaBaby & Crew Gets Into Hair Grabbing Brawl With DaniLeigh's Brother

Fists Full Of Pigtails: DaBaby & Danileigh’s Brother Have Slippery Bowling Alley Kerfuffle, DaScuffle Turns Bloody After DaRapper’s Crew Pulls Hair

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DaBaby’s beef with his baby mama DaniLeigh and her immediate family has turned violent now that a video has surfaced of the rapper getting into a physical fight with her brother.

Apparently, Brandon Bills, Dani’s 29-year-old brother, and DaBaby, 30, were both at an L.A. bowling alley in the wee hours of the morning when things popped off.

According to clips, DaBaby threw a punch at Brandon sending him sliding down a bowling alley lane. That’s when the one-on-one fight turned into an all-out kerfuffle with DaBaby’s crew jumping in, grabbing, punching, and pulling Brandon’s hair.

Several clips of the fight have surfaced but so far, there have been no reports of how the two men even got into the same space before the fight popped off.

After the fight, Brandon slammed DaBaby and his crew for allegedly jumping him after he approached DaBaby by himself with the intention of having a conversation.

“N****s wanna grab me by my hair. Then came and jumped me my n***** once I slipped. I spoke to you like a man my n****, I said yo, let’s talk one on one like some men — me and you on the side on some real n**** sh*t. Ain’t no brownie points there, n***** grabbed me by my hair.”

Danileight reacted to the fight before deactivating her Instagram and slammed DaBaby for being “LAME” for jumping her brother.

“Lame as hell!!!! Running up on my brother wants some slippery a** floors with 5/6 of your boys while he’s by himself and not even touching him!!! Lame and so sad!! I pray this stops now. BC this is my family! And I got a daughter to raise. Sad!”


TMZ now reports that police are investigating DaBaby for assault with a deadly weapon. They add that it’s an assault with a deadly weapon case because Brandon Bills was kicked in the head while he was already on the ground.



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