Horoscopes For The Week Of February 14, 2022

BOSSIP Horoscopes By Zya: Week Of February 14

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Source: iOne Digital / Tommy de Yampert

SCORPIO: Take time to be still this week. Your guides and ancestors have been working on your self-esteem and emotional triggers while you’re sleeping and thus you may find your energy flagging this week as you work to integrate your cleared shadow and any residue thereof. Take note that you are heavily blossoming this time on a spiritual level.

RED FLAG: Busyness will not serve you. Drop the coffee and Red Bull and lean into your souls craving for simple rest and ease at this time.

SWEET SPOT: If there are emotional wounds that you’ve been avoiding, you’ll find that the right tools (i.e. therapy, journaling, time to rest) effortlessly appear for you to put down your baggage safely.

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