Horoscopes For The Week Of February 14, 2022

BOSSIP Horoscopes By Zya: Week Of February 14

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Source: iOne Digital / Tommy de Yampert

GEMINI: Single Geminis you need to be flirty as heck this week as your next BAE is circling your energy (although many of you are oblivious and/or don’t previously know them) try and go out and about or at least go LIVE on your networks and invite in conversations about love. It really does want to find you. Partnered Gemini’s it’s okay to be over the top with your lover this Valentine’s Day, it feels like they will totally be down and the good vibes linger for a long time to come.

RED FLAG: Erm if you’re being flirty and not actually single, it’s going to go really badly for you this week. Respect your mate, or remove yourself from the partnership.

SWEET SPOT: Say yes more than no to offers of dates and dinner — you may be pleasantly surprised. Also, try to look past the aesthetic and directly at the heart/mind.

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