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This is an insane story!

A man is going to take large amount of pills in crystal liqueur glass

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People have long been told to monitor their drinks when they are out partying at a club or bar. Sick people are actively looking to drug others as soon as the opportunity presents itself. Hopefully, reading this story helps you be a little more vigilant about guarding your beverage going forward.

According to DailyMail, one person is dead and eight others have been hospitalized after suffering severe reactions to a bottle of bubbly that they were planning to enjoy inside of a restaurant in Germany. A local “celebrity” from a popular dating show named Harald Georg Z was hanging with friends at La Vita restaurant in Weiden and decided he would order an expensive bottle of Moët champagne. Things went awry after the bottle was opened at the table in front of the partygoers ranging in age from 33-52 and several people immediately began gagging and foaming at the mouth. The poisoning also lead to seizures and severe stomach pains that caused major cramping.

What could have caused such a violent and immediate reaction? Well…

‘There were things in it that normally are not in Champagne.’ senior prosecutor Gerd Schaefer said. ‘It had a toxic, a poisonous effect.’

Police reports have suggested that the three-litre bottle of Champagne contained 1,000 times the ‘normal’ dose of ecstasy and was believed to be drugged with a lethal amount of MDMA.

One. Thousand. Times. The “normal” amount of ecstasy. How the hell did it get into a bottle that was opened “in front of the table”? Who would do such a thing? This is a horrifying murder mystery straight out of a television script.

A restaurant manager reportedly told a local newspaper: ‘The bottle was opened and uncorked in front of the guests at the table. This was also filmed’.

Prosecutor Gerd Schaefer says that “negligent homicide” seems plausible but also that this didn’t appear to be a targeted attack. An investigation is ongoing.


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