Horoscopes For The Week Of February 28

BOSSIP Horoscopes: Week Of February 28

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It’s a lovely time for Cancers to sit quietly with your emotions and energy in order to enhance your naturally high intuitive muscle. This is vital as the earth stage is becoming chaotic and you’ll need to really understand how to trust your instincts. Your spirit team wants to lift you up energetically to bring in more joy, less guilt and anxiety. To propel this forward, do a liquid fast if you can under the New Moon (start the night before and go for 24 hours) while pulling a few Tarot cards for yourself and free journaling and meditating on whatever comes up for you. Access what serves and doesn’t in your own behavior patterns without judgment and make plans to release what no longer serves while harnessing and fine-tuning the behaviors that do.

RED FLAG: If you find that you’re over your relationship, this is not the week for any endings. Let things cook through the end of March and see how you feel then.

SWEET SPOT: Take more time to listen and really understand where the loved ones in your life are coming from without centering yourself, as it will really help to create deeper bonds.

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