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Add “flying in the seat we paid for” to the list of things that Black people can’t do while minding our damn business. As much as we love and cherish Black History Month, maybe it’s best that it’s coming to an end because this February has been rife with racism and soup cookie shenanigans.

According to a report from ABC7 in the Bay Area, a Black woman was relieved of her seat on a Delta flight after two white women began complaining about their arrangement.  Camille Henderson was sitting in row 15 on a flight from Atlanta to San Francisco when she was approached by a flight attendant who asked her to move to, wait for it…ROW 34! Henderson says the two white women told the flight crew that they were “supposed” to have first-class seats although they had absolutely no proof that they paid for first-class seats. The offending attendant woke Ms. Henderson from her sleep to request a change so that the Karens could have more room. For her inconvenience, she was offered a complimentary alcoholic beverage but she does not drink.

We can feel your blood pressure rising. Ours is too.

“Me, as a Black woman, I was displaced to make two white women comfortable. That doesn’t make any sense to me,” Henderson told ABC7.

She said she only agreed to change seats so as not to make a scene. “I don’t want to be the angry Black woman that doesn’t listen to the rules, even though the rules were that I paid for a seat and I went to my seat and I didn’t ask to move,” Henderson told The Daily Beast.

What the hell makes these two seemingly scammer white broads worth making a whole Black woman move from a window seat to the back of the plane?! It’s very much giving “separate but equal” vibes. For her part, Henderson isn’t looking to score a 6-figure lawsuit settlement, she just wants the respect that is owed to her.

“I’m not looking for anything from Delta, I’m not looking to be compensated,” she said, per the media outlet. “It’s just a simple acknowledgment of a situation that they put me through that made me feel dehumanized.”

Here’s what Delta has to say for themselves:

“We are conducting a review into this situation to better understand what happened and have reached out expressing our apologies to the customer for her experience.

“Delta has no tolerance for discrimination in any form and these allegations run counter to our deeply-held values of respecting and honoring the diversity of our customers.”

Yeah…we gon’ see.


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