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Imagine losing your $10 MILLION PER YEAR job for posting an ‘offensive’ Chingy meme (A CHINGY MEME) in 2022.

That’s exactly what happened to Estée Lauder Senior Brand Executive John Demsey, 65, after he posted a Sesame Street-themed meme with Big Bird seemingly caring for a COVID-stricken Mr. Snuffleupagus on his personal Instagram page.

“My n***a Snuffy done got the ‘rona at a Chingy concert,” the meme reads, referring to the once-popular St. Louis rapper who gave us the timeless classics “Right Thurr”, “Holidae Inn”,  “One Call Away,” and “Pullin Me Back.”

Demsey (who handled MAC and Clinique) was fired after 31 years with the company which issued a statement after initially slapping the well-known exec with a suspension.

“Today, John Demsey, Executive Group President, The Estée Lauder Companies, was informed he must leave the company, effective this week,” said the company in a statement.

“This decision is the result of his recent Instagram posts, which do not reflect the values of The Estée Lauder Companies, have caused widespread offense, are damaging to our efforts to drive inclusivity both inside and outside our walls, and do not reflect the judgment we expect of our leaders.”

In his apology, Demsey claims he didn’t read the meme before posting it.

“I am terribly sorry and deeply ashamed that I hurt so many people when I made the horrible mistake of carelessly reposting a racist meme without regarding it beforehand,’ he posted on his Instagram account, after taking down the offending post. ‘There are not enough words to express my remorse and sorrow.”

Naturally, Chingy responded after trending on social media for hours.

In a hilarious twist, the post apparently originated on Reddit in a small group called “Alvin and the Chingmunks.”

Oh but it gets better. He’s passionate about his Chingy memes!

What was your reaction to the now-infamous meme? Tell us down below and peep the funniest reactions to Chingy’s return to relevancy on the flip.

“How do you go home to your family and tell them you lost your job over a Chingy meme” –


“The executive at Estee Lauder after he lost a $10 million/year job over posting a Chingy meme like” – mannnn

“The biggest question is why was Snuffy at a Chingy concert in the last 3 years” – no, seriously

“who the hell is Chingy?” – this pic tho

“When Chingy find out he trending” – bruhhh

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“I too, caught COVID at a Chingy concert” – you know what…


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