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Did you watch the season finale of ‘Kings of Napa’ this week? If not, beware of the spoilers ahead!

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Earlier this week we spoke with ‘Kings of Napa’ creator and showrunner Janine Sherman Barrois about the season finale and we held off until the episode aired to tell you guys her inspiration behind making Groesbeck Markson the extortionist.

“I was very interested in dealing with Black people who owned land and that land being questioned, whether that is Bruce’s Beach in California or Seneca Falls in Central Park,” Janine Sherman Barrois told BOSSIP’s Sr. Content Director Janeé Bolden. “I was interested in people owning land and generational wealth and what that meant for a community and people and so for Groesbeck’s family to question the validity of the Kings can be harkened back to so many people as owners.”

“It’s not a direct correlation because they bought it from Groesbeck’s grandfather, but I think the audacity of ownership, the audacity of Black people being empowered and being powerful has been a question of debate for a long time and had we continued to own these things, whether that was Black Wall Street, whether that was Central Park, whether that was Bruce’s Beach, look how much bigger we would have been as a group of people if we had owned the things that we owned a long time ago.”

“I think that he’s trying to threaten and take back what is theirs because he cannot actually deal with the fact that they have built this legacy and this huge business on this land they once owned. It’s not correlated but it is part of a fight that Black people have had, people questioning their validity.”

Speaking of the fight that Black people have had — did you see the fight that August put up?

Whewwww! She wasn’t playing any games.

Speaking of which, we also talked to Janine Sherman Barrois about where we see August at the very end of the finale episode.

“When she has the one on one with this person and the takedown of this person I think you see August at her fiercest and you see this formidable leader,” Sherman Barrois told BOSSIP of the fight scene between August and Groesbeck. “You’re rooting for her and you’re rooting for her to protect the family and also to embrace the power. If there is any doubt in your mind whether she wears the crown at the end of this episode you’re like, yeah she wears the crown and she is the boss.”

“The last iconic moment when her mother learns there is actually going to be this looming threat and this guy has bought Shawn & Sean’s vineyard and that guy Everett comes to the house and you hear the music swell as she yells for August,” Sherman Barrois told BOSSIP. “When you cut to August on the hill in the same position where you met her father you see she has taken the throne and she is the leader of the family and she is going to handle it next season.”

August is definitely a boss! Did you catch the season finale of ‘Kings of Napa’?

We were left with so many cliffhangers. What’s going to happen with Dana and Rose? Bridgett and Rose? Bridgett and August? Oh and we definitely need to see what happens with Christian’s boo Sheila!


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