Freddy P from MTV’s hit show ‘Making The Band’ reveals the show and Diddy are responsible for why he “hates” life.

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Recently, social media decided to bring Diddy’s Making The Band back in the spotlight. For the new generation, they were blown away learning about the show and all its drama and the fact Da Band actually released an album. However, the most surprising part to some of social media was seeing the hopeful artist walking to get a slice of cheesecake for Diddy.

Looking back, you could argue it was humiliating, but at the time, artists creating opportunities for themselves online was unheard of unlike now. With the show going viral, naturally, people begin to ask where the cast is these days and one person who spoke up was rapper Freddy P, the fade captain on the show. He took to social media to repost a fan airing out Diddy for his actions on the show and instantly you could tell he hasn’t healed from the experience.

“God knows if I was @diddy I would’ve done WAY MORE FOR THESE KIDS,” Freddy wrote in the caption. “Any real ninja would’ve. You start out JUST CHASING A DREAM. Then it QUICKLY GET SNATCHED AWAY. Made me NEVER WANT TO RAP. God gone have the last laugh. My talent was given to me to touch hearts and homes an it was silenced. You silenced God’s plan. Everyone who ever took part will depart horribly from [Earth emoji].”

The saddest part of the post was Freddy openly admitting he still feels Diddy causes him mental harm and has even considered taking his own life.


Another Making The Band alumni Willie Taylor spoke out as well about the experience in a now-deleted Instagram post.

“Making The Band was [an] experience for sure,” Taylor wrote in a post on Instagram that’s since been deleted. “But the platform and contracts were all set up for the failure of hungry talents.”


Being in the spotlight isn’t for everyone, then when you add in contracts with someone who knows nothing about the industry, you can easily see how it could harm mental health. Hopefully, they can heal from their trauma from the show because we can almost promise Diddy hasn’t thought about the show in years as he kept his promise to give an opportunity.



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