Horoscopes For The Week Of March 6th

BOSSIP Horoscopes: Week Of March 6

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Mercury enters your sign on the 9th creating an interesting (read: possibly unsettling) aspect for Pisceans. As the planet of communication and Pisces being the sign of emotion and the esoteric, you may find yourself swimming willy-nilly in your own emotional depths and unable to communicate what exactly feels off or why. Instead of struggling against this energy, lean into it, clear your schedule for the week (or clear what you can) and sit in meditative silence.(Or if silence doesn’t work turn on a heart chakra meditation via YouTube.) There’s something that your heart wants to tell you about your life choices and patterns over the past decade and you simply need time to hear and take it in.
RED FLAG: Don’t judge yourself harshly for past mistakes – because honestly how else would you have learned. Take the knowledge, hold the self-criticism.
SWEET SPOT: If you’re feeling called to take on a spiritually-based career this week is a good time to start digging into the research and asking various friends for assistance who may work in the wellness or esoteric arts.

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