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Happy Sunday! What better way to plan for the week ahead than by checking what the stars have in store?

Bossip Horoscopes

Source: iOne Digital / Tommy de Yampert

We’re back with another week of astrological forecasts, courtesy of our favorite — Psychic Zya.

Astro Overview:

This week on March 6th Venus and Mars (the planets of love and action) both meet up in Aquarius sparking the flames of opportunity for an unusual love as well as deep introspection for what we truly desire in our romantic lives. Aquarius holds the ideals of quirkiness, expansiveness (within and without), intellect, travel, and the metaphysical. While both planets were housed in Capricorn for the majority of last month (and Venus since December) under the sun influence of Aquarius these two planets made us take hard-line looks at our lives, especially with how we choose to make a living and show up in the world. Now under the influence of dreamy psychic Pisces sun, we are tasked with really letting go of “what love should look like for us” and allowing ourselves to be pleasantly surprised. Take note that with both Jupiter in Pisces and currently being under the influence of Pisces now is a great time to start or expand a spiritual practice that allows us to self-soothe in healthy ways. As I’ve said before, 2022 will be pretty tumultuous on the world stage so being able to cope emotionally in positive ways will be of the utmost importance.

Alrighty, let’s get into these horoscopes!

Bossip Horoscopes

Source: iOne Digital / Tommy de Yampert


Single Caps who are looking for love should hop on a plane, train or automobile, ideally abroad but even up or down state will do. Your special someone is just physically out of your reach and traveling will allow you to open up emotionally and be more receptive to meeting someone that wasn’t quite your type but totally what you needed.

RED FLAG: Singles, if you can’t travel far then just go out and about and be very social.

SWEET SPOT: Wearing shades of red, gold, pink and green will help you to be noticed more by potential romantic partners.

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