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Jussie Smollett supporters rally with support, penning letters asking for leniency for him ahead of sentencing.


Source: Chicago Tribune / Getty

The attack of Jussie Smollett is a saga that has lasted so long it even predates the pandemic. Since January of 2019, this has been a back and forth of he said, she said and at this point, it just needs to be dealt with.

Last December after an eight-day trial a jury finally convicted Smollett. He was found guilty on five of six counts of disorderly conduct, a Class 4 felony, alleging he falsely reported to police that he was a victim of a hate crime attack.

Today, Jussie will be sentenced in a Cook County courtroom on charges for disorderly conduct relating to the attack–or lack of attack–that took place in 2019.

Leading up to his sentencing, everyone is undecided on how they think it will go for the actor. Defense Attorney Kulmeet “Bob” Galhotra says he wouldn’t be surprised if Smollett got just a little taste of a jail cell to think about the spectacle he created.

“I think Linn might give him a taste of jail,” Galhotra said. “That’s my prediction. I don’t think he’s going to send him to [prison], I think he might give him a taste of jail time and put him on probation with lots of community service.”

Several people who have supported Smollett since the beginning have written letters asking for leniency during his sentencing. Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr. along with the president of the NAACP sent letters urging Judge Linn to consider probation or other alternatives to prison.

In the letter, they point out Smollett’s history of community service and also the nonviolent aspect of the conviction while pointing out the public spectacle and court of public opinion is punishment in itself. They also point out safety concerns for Smollett’s safety being a gay man with Jewish heritage in prison, according to Yahoo!.

One thing is for sure: Today, the three-year roller coaster of this case will come to an end.

Hopefully, Jussie’s community service will play a factor in keeping him out of a jail cellbut after how this played out in the public eye he could end up being an example to anyone else who even thinks of doing such a thing in the future.



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