Martell Holt Bashes Melody For Allegedly Keeping Kids From Him For 56 Days

SMH: #LAMH’s Martell Holt Bashes Ex-Wife Melody For Allegedly ‘Keeping Their Kids Away’ For FIFTY-SIX Days

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What is happening here?

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Love & Marriage: Huntsville star Martell Holt put ex-wife Melody Holt on blast in a recent Instagram post seemingly out of nowhere for allegedly keeping their children away from him.

Martell Claims Melody Holt Kept Their Kids Away From Him For 56 Days

The seemingly emotional father accused his ex Melody in a scathing text thread he shared with his Instagram followers. Martell shared;

I honestly can’t come up with anything that matters more to me than my children. My life has been a public viewing for years now, pretty uncomfortable. I am a REAL father who loves his children. I noticed that many wondered why I hadn’t posted or shared the important dates recently. It’s because my ex, Melody Sherry Rodgers yet again attempting to create a storyline for the show. 1st, it was the $17K judgment that was tossed out after I provided one document. Lastly, there were some pretty wicked accusations she brought against me, legally. The judge literally fussed at them within 10 minutes of court beginning.

Martell continued, accusing Melody of only letting their kids call him “one time” in “56 days.”

Shame on you!

Allegedly, the separation of Martell from his children caused a lot of emotional distress he says,

My kids cried when they saw me talking about how much they missed me and wanted to see me and talk to me. It hurt me to share with them on how much I missed them. This TV show is what you desire to believe but this picture is really my real life. My everything is right here. They are what matter to me more than anything.


Martell Holt Reunites With Kids After Almost Two Months Of Not Seeing Them, Allegedly

Following the set of texts he shared alleging Mel had kept the kids away, Martell uploaded a photo of eldest son and daughter after “finally” seeing them.

Holt edited his description after receiving an outpour of comments about him putting the situation on social media. He also deleted the text message allegation, but not before several outlets shared it.

Martell’s original caption under the photo of his kids read:

FINALLY, over 1 month later I’m able to celebrate my beautiful girl’s birthday. Shame! Someone stripped 56 days from this amazing father, but I’m back!

The girls have this favorite YouTuber, so we flew to Washington DC to meet Piper and her “squad”.

Happy 10th birthday to my 1st born and Happy birthday to my beautiful 6 year old.

Yikes! So far, Melody has not addressed Martell’s allegations but she did write in her Instastory;

“solation brings revelation. And guess what? It’s okay for you to choose YOU. Don’t worry about who doesn’t like it. Who it offends. Do your thang girl

Melody Might Be Trolling Martell On Her Insta-Story

On Monday, Melody posted a message to her Insta-Story about “freedom”, something her ex-husband posted about.

Martell recently captioned a picture of himself draped in an American flag;

Whats being free mean to you? The Land of the free for me means free from anything or anyone who holds me back. Being free” means, to be able to do “whatever” you want. Your dreams! Your Hopes! Your purpose! Your Desires! Your finances! Your Peace! Your Happiness! The List goes on and on on things we need to be free from and in.

“To be freed” means to be released from a cage or trap that anyone or anything has tried to keep you in!

On Monday, Melody followed up on her story with a message that read;

It’s nothing like being FREE! Moving at the beat of your own drum. Like literally doing the things you want to do in life, regardless of who like it or not…who supports or not. Yeah. FREE.”

WHEW! The pettiness!


We might get more insight into this situation after Love and Marriage Huntsville’s new season premieres on Saturday, March 19 at 8 p.m. ET/PT.




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