Kanye West has found his latest target in Daily Show host Trevor Noah.

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During Tuesday night’s episode of The Daily Show, Noah warned that Kanye’s divorce from Kim Kardashian could turn violent, comparing the rapper’s online rants to a situation he saw first hand: his mother being abused by his stepfather.

Trevor Noah acknowledges that West’s efforts to win Kardashian back may have started out as “romantic,” though they have become more “belligerent” over time. And while there are certainly a lot of people who will say Kim  “loves publicity” and all of this is just a “marketing stunt,” Noah said, “there’s also an element of a woman saying to her ex, ‘Please leave me alone.’”

“Two things can be true,” he explained. “Kim likes publicity. Kim is also being harassed.”

That’s when the host related it to his own experience. People would tell his mother she was “overreacting” about the abuse she was facing, but it ended with her getting shot in the head by his stepfather.

“I’m not saying Kanye will [do that],” Noah said. “But as a society, we have to ask ourselves questions. Do we wish to stand by and watch a car crash when we thought we saw it coming? Or do we at least want to say, ‘Slow down, let’s all put our hazards on, because there’s a storm coming and shit might go down.’”

“If Kim Kardashian cannot escape this, then what chance do normal women have?” the comedian concluded.

Of course, it didn’t take long for Kanye to react to Trevor’s comments, taking to Instagram to throw racial slurs his way.

He posted a picture of the Daily Show host with the caption, “All in together now… K**n baya my lord k**n baya K**n baya my lord K**n baya Oooo’ lord K**n baya.”

This was the only time Ye addressed Noah, directly, though he went on to show that he doesn’t care about his opinion by continuing his Instagram posts about “Skete” and D.L. Hughley.

While Trevor Noah’s warnings are more than warranted, as someone who has witnessed domestic abuse firsthand, we can only hope this situation is purely entertainment (in Kanye’s head) and doesn’t ever go that far.


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