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Joseline's Cabaret Las Vegas Premiere Screening

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Joseline Hernandez, her husband Balistic Beats and Zeus Network, founded by Lemuel Plummer, will reportedly be hit with a multi-million dollar lawsuit very soon after being accused of traumatizing several “Joseline’s Cabaret” stars.

‘Joseline’s Cabaret’ Facing Estimated $30 Million Lawsuit

Behind the forthcoming lawsuit are Amber Ali and several other “Joseline’s Cabaret'”cast members who say Joseline & Balistic beat them down during a reunion show taping.

The Shade Room reports they reached out to Amber Ali’s legal team, who confirmed the star and other cast members are gearing up to sue everyone involved with the alleged reunion show stomp out. The ladies are seeking “up to $30 million.”

The legal team at Adeife & Rabii confirmed to The Shade Room that Amber, Re Re O’Dell, Lexi Blow, and Henny are gearing up to file a multi-million dollar lawsuit against Joseline, Balistic, and Zeus Network.

While not all of the details about the upcoming lawsuit aren’t immediately available the women will soon address what is being called a “criminal attack.” They could be seeking up to $30 million in the lawsuit.

Amber Ali, ReRe & Lexi Came Forward First About Allegedly Unhinged Reunion Show Attack

Amber accused Joseline and her husband of injuring her ribs at the show’s reunion, sending her to the emergency room after security from the show seemingly allowed her to be beaten down. While lying in a hospital bed, Amber went live to tell her followers that the couple kicked her and pulled her hair.

Another participant of “Joseline’s Cabaret” named ReRe revealed to her followers that she was also injured during the show’s reunion taping. While sobbing, ReRe explained how badly her back, face, ribcage, and head allegedly hurt. Lexi, a cast witness, alleged Joseline kicked the young woman in the face unprovoked.

“Cabaret” star Lexi also blasted Joseline and Balistic on Instagram, accusing the couple of violently attacking several women before fleeing the set.

“Security wanna hold everybody…hold them back and let [Joseline & Balistic] get their licks in. So all that sh*t that Joseline is talking about, how she kicked this b*****…that’s only because she only had security behind her.

Gaia, another member of the “Cabaret” cast recently came forward, accusing Joseline of drug use, attacking several women, and accusing her husband Balistic of pulling out a chunk of Amber’s scalp too while calling off security.

“Balistic just pulled out Amber’s f****** hair! That sh** is domestic violence.”


When Amber Ali initially came forward with her claims of being beaten down during the reunion with no security help, Joseline taunted her on Twitter, suggesting she “keep crying” from her “hospital bed.” Hours later however she issued a statement denying Amber’s abuse claims.

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