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Amber Guyger Denied Appeal For Murdering Botham Jean

Protest in Revere

Source: Boston Globe / Getty

Amber Guyger really tried it. Remember her, the former Dallas police officer who shot Botham Jean dead after “accidentally” walking into his apartment thinking it was hers? She was sentenced to 10 years in prison for murder and subsequently filed for appeal after getting hugs from the judge and forgiveness from the family.

Yeah, her.

Well, according to WFAA, Guyger’s request was given the Mutombo finger by the highest court in the great state of Texas. The Court of Criminal Appeals told Guyer and her lawyers to kick rocks essentially striking out any chance that this blood-soaked “blue life” gets her conviction overturned. Yay for that.

Funeral Held For Botham Shem Jean, Who Was Killed By Dallas Police Officer Amber Guyger When She Entered Wrong Apartment

Source: Stewart F. House / Getty [Pictured above: Botham Jean’s mother, Allison Jean]

It should be noted that the entire court voted to deny the appeal except for two justices and it’s important that we say their names so that the folks in Dallas who not to be voting for next time around as judges are decided by election in Texas. So, Judge Kevin Yeary and Judge Michelle Slaughter, you’re trash.

Guyger is currently sitting her a** down at a Gatesville, Texas prison where we truly hope that she’s been assigned the very worst cell and the very worst cellmate in the entire facility.



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