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Coco Jones graced our screens in the new hit series Bel Air which airs on Peacock and left no crumbs! Babygirl understood the assignment and fans everywhere are excited to see what else the talented actress/musician has in store.

Coco Jones: Atlanta "Caliber" Meet & Greet

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Many were introduced to Coco Jones back in 2012 when she starred in Let It Shine on the Disney Channel. Little black girls everywhere fell in love with her character, her beauty and her voice.

While her talent was undeniable and fans were hopeful for a sequel to Let It Shine, eventually nothing happened and Coco parted ways with the network. She later signed to Hollywood Records, and even went on tour with the boy band Mindless Behavior.

Unfortunately, the record label later dropped her and her dreams of becoming a super star were put on pause. Though her plan was derailed, Coco never folded and didn’t give up on her dreams. She worked diligently at crafting her skills as an actress and vocalist and soon enough took her talents to social media platforms like You Tube and Tik Tok.

Today the Bel Air superstar has over 2 Million followers on Tik Tok, 1.2 Million followers on Instagram and just recently signed to Def Jam Records. Her new single “Caliber” has the music industry buzzing and she plans on releasing a project in the near future.

BOSSIP caught up with the Tennessee native to discuss her rise to stardom, working with iconic producers, releasing new music and more! – Liz Smith

Hey girl hey! Let’s get right into it! Obviously old Hilary and new Hilary differ in many ways but what is one thing that both Hilary‘s hold true to that the girls can really learn from?

I think that is her confidence. I mean at the end of the day both Hilarys knew that they were that girl, ya know? And I love that because I really want to break that stigma that confidence is wrong. You can think you’re that girl and you can think you’re deserving of great things and not be entitled. You love yourself and that’s cute and that’s okay.

While Hilary is somewhat bougie on Bel Air you’re very down to earth, personable and authentic to your journey and who you are. Can you talk about the power of remaining true to yourself and why authenticity always wins in the end?

I do it for all the fans, for all the people who support me. I want to be able to deliver to all these people who are checking for me and who care about me. I want to make sure I’m always representing and highlighting that this journey may be long but please stick to it! Please don’t walk away because at one point it looked like this would never happen but I’m so glad it did. I always remind myself that talent started off selling at first and talent will continue to be what sells.

Alright let’s talk about the music! Congrats on being signed to Def Jam! You just released a dope track entitled “Caliber” and I knew it was going to be a smash when I heard “bongo by the way” as a producer plus your vocals…chef’s kiss. So, what does it take for a man to get on your caliber?

I like a guy that’s showing me effort, that’s showing me that energy, who makes it clear with his actions that he sees me as a prize to attain, may the best man win. If you wanna win the game, you gotta follow these rules and get on my level. It’s simple.

I saw you took part in writing this song…what does it take for you to get in the zone and create magic like this?

I want to make my songs feel the way that I feel when I listen to them. I’m trying to find that balance of what feels comfortable and authentic for me to talk about. I just need good vibes, a good time to work with and time to create.

So I also saw you were in the studio last night with a an iconic producer, Jermaine Dupri! Can you fill us in on what you guys are working on?

Yes, he’s amazing! I hope to work with other amazing producers and deliver hits to my day one fans and new fans. Like you said I worked with “BONGO ByTheWay” and I just want to be in the studio with dope producers to create magic. So stay tuned.

Now idk if you’re aware but there’s a petition going around urging Marvel to consider you for the role of Storm. One of the quotes said…”Please get STORM right. We are tired of the colorism in Hollywood,” he wrote. “STORM is a beautiful…DARK SKIN woman.” I know you’ve expressed that you want to do an action film so what are your thoughts about this?

Really? Wow! I definitely want to do an action film. I would love to see myself in an action role. I’m an athlete. My dad played football, my mom did sports all her life too and sang as well. I did gymnastics. I did soccer. I did track. I did basketball. I did softball. I’m ready for whatever, I want that challenge.

Speaking of your beautiful melanin skin. Does it get exhausting sometimes to always be referred to as the spokesperson for dark skin women or do you see it as a badge of honor and something that you carry with pride?

I don’t take those things personally because I know it’s way bigger than me! Colorism itself is way bigger than me. This is something that has been taught to our culture for generations and all I’m glad to do is to continue to represent that. Hopefully one day it’s not so surprising that a dark skin actress is playing this role or doing something special. Hopefully it’s like you’re the lead, you’re good and that’s normal.


Be sure to check out Coco Jones’ new single “Caliber” and be on the lookout for upcoming projects this summer!


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