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Grand Rapids Police Release Video Of Officer Fatally Shooting Patrick Lyoya

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Listen, we’re not lawyers, we’re just people with eyes and we’re not going to dance around the truth. It looks like a Grand Rapids police officer murdered Patrick Lyoya. There’s always some janky mumbo-jumbo that requires certain conditions to be met in order to qualify a behavior for a legal definition but as people with eyes, we know what we just saw. We believe we just saw a murder.

Yesterday, we reported on Lyoya’s death and his family’s fight for justice. Sadly, it will most certainly be a fight because even in the face of what appears to be incontrovertible evidence, the police always find a way to wiggle away from the clutches of accountability when it comes to taking Black lives. According to WZZM, the Grand Rapids Police Department has released one of the most harrowingly comprehensive videos of a police killing that we’ve ever seen. The footage released is comprised of several angles that show exactly what happened to Lyoya in jaw-dropping detail and clarity. This looks exactly like a murder if we’ve ever seen one.

If you so choose, you can view the video below. It is unedited for content but does have a pause for warning before the actual shooting takes place at 4:23. Please consider your mental health prior to pressing play.

At this time, the officer’s name is still being withheld from the public but he is currently on paid leave pending the investigation. Peter’s Congolese father spoke to 13 On Your Side about his grief and is questioning whether or not America is really an upgrade from his homeland.

“I didn’t believe that this could ever happen to me in this country,” Peter said. He says his family came to the United States for a safer life. “And I’m asking myself, ‘why did I come here?'”

We’ve said it once and we’ll keep on saying it, NWA was RIGHT. There have always been right.


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