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Poor fella

Raashaun 'DJ Envy' Casey and Gia Casey

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We have no idea why DJ Envy would agree to share that his wife Gia was faking orgasms for TEN YEARS, but he did, and opened up about the ego-deflating reveal in an interview with The Shaderoom.

“We got into an argument and she was like ‘well, you know, I don’t be having an orgasm,’ and I was like ‘what??’ …she’s like, ‘I don’t,’ and I’m like, ‘no, yes you do, I hear it’ *makes loud sex noises* and she was like, ‘no, I’m faking it,’ I’m like, ‘every time??’ she was like, ‘…yea’ and that just crushed me because I thought I was puttin’ in work.. I’m sitting there thinking I’m big daddy long leg…’

Envy (who seems to be a good sport) went into more detail on his morning show with Charlamagne clowning him in the background.

This eyebrow-raiser comes as the couple promotes their new book ‘Real Life, Real Love: Life Lessons on Joy, Pain & the Magic That Holds Us Together,’ Gia and Envy explore the entire chronology of their love story with searing honesty, vulnerability, and humor.

Real Life Real Love: Lessons on Joy, Pain and the Magic That Holds Us Together

Source: Courtesy

The couple, who met as teenagers and have been together for 27 years (and married for 20 of those years) have survived Envy’s growing celebrity, a devastating (and very public) cheating scandal, and the births of six children.

In addition to being 1/3 of the Breakfast Club, DJ Envy is co-host of The Casey Crew Podcast with his wife that served as a prelude to their book where they share tips and lessons on how to grow together, stay strong and committed and remain equals in a relationship.

“When we were first approached with the idea of writing a book, we were excited,” said the couple. “We knew that it would be an opportunity to expand the conversations we have on our podcast, The Casey Crew, and to talk more deeply about our relationship and family life.

We were thrilled about the idea of a book tour, knowing that it would give us the chance to get out there in the paint and hear about how the book has resonated with you and your partner or spouse.”

What are your thoughts on Mrs. Envy’s reveal? Tell us down below and peep the hilarious Twitter hysteria to the unfortunate truth over the unprovoked on the flip.

“DJ Envy: did you cum babe

Gia:” – *HOWLS*

“Gia when DJ envy put the tip in” – *falls down the stairs*

“Gia: That’s Why I be fakin all my orgasms…

DJ Envy:” – bruhhh

“DJ Envy:you like this shit don’t you

The wife:” – you know what…

“DJ Envy wife and DJ Khaled wife be suffering. neither of em know the way around a pussy. they DJs but they scratching the wrong sh*t” – nooooo

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