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Tonight is THE night! The ‘Snowfall’  Season 5 finale episode is set to air tonight, Wednesday April 20, and we spoke with actress Angela Lewis who you will recognize as Aunt Louie, ‘Snowfall’s resident trap queen ‘herself.


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If you’re a fan of the show — no spoilers ahead but we definitely can’t tell you not to fret.

‘Some people will be upset,’ Lewis warned us, before continuing, ‘And some will be thrilled. No matter where you land, you’re going to be left fiending for Season 6!’

One of the biggest curveballs for ‘Snowfall’fans this season definitely had to be the wedding episode, where we had the chance to see Jerome (Amin Joseph) and Louie tie the knot with a big party that included most of the show’s recurring characters. Thanks to Skully, who decided to ‘gift’ the lovebirds and their guests with a special treat (LSD in the chocolate fountain) things got more than a little bit creative. It turns out that the episode was one that Lewis especially loved.

“That episode was written by the legendary Walter Mosley,” Angela Lewis told BOSSIP. “It happens to be my favorite episode. And I mean, it was so fun but also really, we have to be super focused in that episode to make it as trippy and out of body as it was. We had to do it full out. If we didn’t bring our A-game, it would have been wimpy and limp, so it was a nice balance between trying new things in a way that’s unexpected and also there was so much truth telling in that episode that we had to really find the super honest places of each of our characters and the thing we were trying to get or receive from our counterparts, so it was a lot of fun to play.”

‘Snowfall”s sixth season will also be it’s last, and  as fans who have followed the show since its inception, we’ve gotten super attached to the characters John Singleton introduced to us back in 2017. While Aunt Louie has never been a wall flower, this season she’s shined brighter than ever, having fully recovered from being shot to rise like a phoenix, ready to call all the shots whether Franklin Saint likes it or not.

“It’s been super fun,” Angela Lewis told BOSSIP’s Sr. Content Director Janeé Bolden about Louie’s bold boss moves. “I feel like Louie has been moving in that direction since the beginning. Louie has always strategized and made excellent decisions and brought big plays to the table. Even when Franklin has an idea, Louie knows how to implement that idea. So it’s been subtle and that’s part of what Louie is fighting for. It’s like, ‘I’ve had some amazing ideas, most of the profit you have is through me, it’s time for me to be recognized for the boss that I am, for the power player that I am and if you don’t recognize me for that, if you don’t want to recognize me as a partner, then I’m going to go off and I’m going to do my own thing.'”

“I’m really excited for Louie to go off and step into the spotlight and not limit herself. It takes a lot of courage to step out from the background and to really allow yourself to be the shining light that you are. That’s not something to sneeze at. I’m proud of Louie.”


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Beyond her character, Angela also says she recognizes how being part of the FX show has personally transformed her as well.

“‘Snowfall’ has allowed me to have a platform that can help amplify voices and causes that are dear to me,” Angela Lewis told BOSSIP. “Being in this show and playing Louie has allowed me to understand what it feels like to, not just step into my power, but to really live there.”

“I can be a person who is a little more laid back, a little more timid, a little more insecure, and in both onscreen and offscreen in my life, as I build my own team to shepherd my career forward, I’ve had to most certainly take control of the reins. I’ve had to visualize, in a deeper, more colorful way, what it is that I want, and I have to be able to articulate those things. I have to be able to say, ‘Oh I’m not sure about the final vision or the big vision, but here is this piece that I see very clearly, so how can I get there?’ And then allow that to inspire the next right move. I’ve not always been able to do that. So I’m indebted to Louie for giving me permission and forcing me to step into what that feels like and take that into my life and be the boss of my own life. This show has changed me in huge ways.”

While we’re sad to see the show go on hiatus while we await Season 6, Angela said she’ll be staying busy with her production company and her non-profit Moonchild Collective, which offers resources for Black expectant mothers.

“I really want to give Black women the resources to not just survive pregnancy and childbirth, but to thrive in it,” Lewis, who has a two-and-a-half-year-old daughter, told us about her inspiration her to to make Black maternal health a priority.

We love it that this is a role she’s equally passionate about!

Tune in to FX at 10PM EST/PST to watch Angela Lewis and the cast of “Snowfall” in their Season 5 finale.


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