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For those of you who are excited to celebrate today’s day of the smoker, we have taken the liberty of creating a list of some Black-owned Cannabis brands to patronize. As April is also Black Women’s History Month, the brands we have chosen to highlight are Black female-led. If you’re spending your 4/20 with Mary Jane there could be a plethora of materials including the flower that you’ll want to get the chief session going.


Marijuana is finally catching less heat [no pun] and gradually making its way to legalization. States such as Colorado, Massachusetts, Vermont, and Washington have broadly legalized the once illicit product for recreational use. Other states have more limited legalization laws. According to, thirty-three states and the District of Columbia currently have passed laws broadly legalizing marijuana in some form. The District of Columbia and 11 states — Alaska, California, Colorado, Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada, Oregon, Vermont, and Washington — have adopted the most expansive laws legalizing marijuana for recreational use.  Some other state laws similarly decriminalized marijuana but did not initially legalize retail sales.


With more loose laws around recreational marijuana use, smokers across the country are confidently partaking in a bit of 4/20 turn up. This has widened the market for entrepreneurship in Cannabis. Black women deserve nice things, and Black women create nice things for others to enjoy. Traditionally terms like “stoner” and “pothead” have had negative connotations often linked to a masculine image and should not be used, and instead a term like “cannabis consumer” should be used instead.

With that, we’ve got to give a shout-out to the cannabis consumer ladies who light up too and look good doing it!

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Below are some Black female-owned Cannabis brands we highly recommend you show some support this 4/20.

Black Female-Owned Cannabis Brands To Support This 4/20

Sixty Four & Hope

A space offering luxury cannabis products in the Mid-City L.A. area.

Gorilla RX

L.A.’s first Black-women-owned dispensary in Crenshaw. They advocate for those affected by America’s failed war on drugs and are working to build a more equitable future in South Central Los Angeles.

Josephine & Billie’s

Josephine & Billie’s is a cannabis speakeasy-style dispensary on a mission to create a community and safe space for women of color and their allies.


One of the many cannabis advocates who are hopeful for what continued legalization across the states could mean for Black and brown communities

Simply Pure

Simply Pure is a Denver, Colorado-based institution for Black people in the Mountain States.

Supernova Women

Supernova Women was formed in 2015 to help foster small cannabis businesses to create opportunities for self-sufficiency.

Mary & Main

Mary and Main’s key mission is cannabis education. The company offers Cannabis 101 classes and is owned by Hope Wiseman, the youngest Black woman to own a marijuana dispensary in the U.S.

Canna Luxe

Launched in April 2020, Canna Luxe is a luxury smoking accessories brand owned by Black women.

Deuces 22

Founded by Tyla Salley, the daughter of the former NBA player and four-time champion John Salley, Deuces 22 curates high-quality products for adult usage.

JuanaMama Cannabis Boutique

JuanaMama carries flower, concentrate, and pre-rolls, which has become the next big trend in the cannabis industry and has plans to include accessories, hemp products, and edibles very soon.


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