The ongoing legal battle between the Kardashian-Jenner family and Blac Chyna continues to be a whole reality show in itself, which is to say it’s a dramatic, scandalous mess of a court battle where allegations fly every which way like a new COVID variant. (Blac Kardashi-cron?)

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If you’re not caught up on the drama, Chyna is suing the Kardashians and Jenners for $40 million for loss of earnings and more than $60 million in future earnings. Chyna is claiming the family used their power to tarnish her reputation and prevent her from achieving future financial success. Meanwhile, the family has accused Chyna of being physically abusive to her ex, Rob Kardashian, and now Rob and Kylie Jenner are countersuing Chyna and, well, again, it’s all just a big mess.

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On Wednesday, Chyna explained abuse allegations made by Rob in April 2020 saying she was “just joking” when she put a gun (which she said wasn’t loaded) to Rob’s head while he was Face Timing with friends, and added that she “jokingly” wrapped an iPhone cord around his neck while he was playing video games in order to “get his attention” but “not to strangle him.” (Most women just slap the controller out of our hands. Ima need Chyna to be most women.)

On Thursday, more allegations of violence were tossed Chyna’s way when Kris Jenner took the stand to testify about alleged death threats made by Chyna to Kris’ daughter, Kylie Jenner and her thoughts on what Chy might possibly do to her son, Rob.

Kris Jenner Testifies That Chyna Threatened To Kill Kylie Jenner, Momager Thought She’d Kill Rob Kardashian

In court, Kris Jenner was questioned by Chyna’s attorney, Lynne Ciani regarding her comments from previous depositions and the momager said Chyna allegedly threatened to kill the Kylie Cosmetics CEO.

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“We kept it internal, between the family,” said Kris according to US Weekly.

When asked how frequently the alleged comments were made, Kris replied, “You’d have to ask Kylie.”


Kris also said she had heard Chyna was physically abusive towards another ex, rapper Tyga, but she couldn’t say that she “knew anything about all that firsthand.”

Kris also admitted in her testimony that when she heard about Chyna putting a gun to her son Rob’s head and saw his torn clothing in the aftermath, she thought Chyna would “kill him.”

TMZ reports that Kris testified that she believed BC tried to murder her son back in December 2016 and she didn’t think it was a “joke” at all.

Rob’s mom hurled the allegation almost right out of the gate, with Chyna’s lawyer asking her if she believed Chyna attempted murder on her son. Kris responded, “I do.”

Y I K E S!

That’s not all however, Kris confessed that she DID send out a text saying Rob should “ditch the b***”  and told Chyna’s lawyer that “I probably could’ve used a word that was nicer.”

“Chyna’s lawyer asked Kris why she would want to use a nicer word to describe someone she believed tried to murder her son Kris said, “It’s just really not the way I like to talk about people,” reports TMZ. 

Blac Chyna Cries In Court Over Rob Kardashian Leaking Her Nudes

Also on Thursday, Chyna gave tearful testimony as she addressed a restraining order she filed against Rob alleging that he leaked nude photos of her on the internet.

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According to TMZ, she was asked by a lawyer for the Kardashian if the filing was a publicity stunt.

“It was the only way I could stop him from posting pictures of me on the internet,” Chyna responded through tears. “I was already public. I’m supposed to just not say anything and take it? I wanted everyone to hear my side of the story. He posted nudes of my entire body.”

TMZ noted that “Rob posted photos of a naked Blac Chyna on his Instagram back in July 2017, even reposting them after they were removed from IG.”

Let’s just acknowledge that, regardless of how a relationship ends, a person would have to be the lowest form of trash to betray their ex’s confidence by leaking their nudes. It’s immature, and violent and it should always be criminal.


Rob Kardashian Remains At Home With Daughter, Dream Kardashian

Anyway, speaking of Rob, where has he been while all of these tense court hearings have taken place? Well, TMZ reported that he’s been at home taking care of Dream, the five-year-old daughter he shares with Chyna.

Rob Kardashian And Blac Chyna At Sky Beach Club

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Rob, who is his daughter’s primary caretaker, reportedly has no problem appearing in court if he’s called as a witness, but until that happens, his priority is being a father to his child.

Still, it’s weird that he hasn’t shown his face in court through any of this considering so much of it involves him personally.

Then again, there’s nothing about this court battle that isn’t weird. Like—nothing. 





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