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Majorie Taylor Greene Busted In Obvious Lie Under Oath

Rep. Majorie Taylor Greene Holds Press Conference On Capitol Hill

Source: Alex Wong / Getty

Marjorie Taylor Greene is one of if not the most intellectually and morally devoid politicians to ever be elected office. That’s saying a lot considering, ya know. Anyway, today, the Republican party’s nuttiest fruit cake took the stand to testify about the harrowingly historic events of January 6.

During her time on the stand, Greene was questioned about things she said about Nancy Pelosi and all of sudden a cat had the big mouth’s tongue. Greene looked like a teenager lying to her parents about where all the beer cans in the basement came from.

Look at this s**t.


You see how quick she switched her pitch when the prosecutor started asking for exhibits?!? The comedy writes itself.

According to ABCNews, a group of Georgia voters banded together to put together a legal case against Greene charging her with both supporting and helping facilitate the attack on the Capitol. Per the fourteenth amendment, one cannot run for public office if he or she has participated in insurrection or provided comfort to America’s enemies. That would seem to invalidate a lot of politicians over the years but we digress.

It would be great to see this case bear fruit and keep one more MAGA bootlicker from returning to highest levels of government.



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