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“He’s turning blue!”

Kevin Samuels

Source: Kevin Samuels Facebook Page

The 911 call that was placed when Kevin Samuels was in distress in his Atlanta apartment has been released. As previously reported the controversial YouTuber died Thursday, May 5 after a woman called for help noting that he was in distress.

The woman identified as Ms. Ortencia Alcantara revealed that she met Samuels the night before and spent the night at his apartment. The woman added that Samuels complained about chest pain before falling on top of her. The relationship commentator was transferred to Atlanta’s Piedmont Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Now, more details are being released including the 911 phone call placed by his date.

Audio From The Kevin Samuels 911 Call Released

TMZ has released the 911 call from the woman who was desperate to save him. The outlet notes that those questioning whether or not foul play was involved in his death “should have their answer” based on the desperation in the woman’s voice and the fact that she was actively performing CPR on him.

In the audio, you can hear the woman tell the emergency operator she believes Kevin is experiencing an issue with his heart “possibly an irregular rhythm” while she continues to perform chest compressions.

The woman identifies herself as a nurse and has trouble giving the operator the YouTuber’s address since it’s her first time there. As the call continues you can hear the panic in the woman’s voice.


“He’s turning blue!” she shouts and later asks if the 911 operator can assist in calling his building’s front desk to see if they had an automated external defibrillator (AED) in hopes to revive him.

“I’m not going to stop giving him CPR. Ask the front f***g desk!” says Samuels’ date.

“It will take longer if we have to ask the front desk,” the dispatcher cooly says.

The front desk of Samuels’ apartment building was closed.

WSBTV notes that Samuels died from an apparent heart attack and is survived by his mother and his daughter. The outlet also adds that the full length of the 911 call is 18 minutes and Samuels’ date was heard urging him to “stay alive for his daughter.”

Samuels was 56-years-old.

You can listen to the 911 call for yourself below.

TRIGGER WARNING: some may find the audio disturbing.


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