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A Pastor whose comments about a controversial YouTuber recently went viral is issuing an apology. As previously reported New Birth Missionary Baptist Church leader Jamal Bryant was bible thumped by a holy heaping of people because he shaded Kevin Samuels during a recent sermon.

New Birth Missionary Baptist Church Good Friday Service

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On Mother’s Day, the preacher blasted the late Samuels for “needing a GoFundMe for his funeral” and for calling unwed Black women over 35 “leftovers.”


Pastor Bryant also urged the women in the congregation to say that they don’t “hate men”, they just despise “weak, cowardice, insecure” men.

“You are listening to men who have no authority,” said Bryant. “How can a man say that you are of low value after 35? How can a man say that you do not have the level of traction of a high-powered man when that man has to get a GoFundMe for his funeral?”

Naturally, people thought the man of God took things a step too far and aired out some of Bryant’s own indiscretions while labeling him a “false prophet” and a “hypocrite.”


Others, however, thought he said absolutely nothing wrong.

Pastor Jamal Bryant Apologizes For His Kevin Samuels Comments

The clergyman has done an apparent heel turn and he’s apologizing for his Kevin Samuels comments. Not only that, he’s confirming that he was given incorrect information, presumably about Samuels’ family needing to fundraise for his funeral.

“Last week while we were in worship, I referred to the deceased public critic and public intellectual about relationships, Brother Samuels,” said Bryant during a recent sermon. “As a consequence, later information I came forth that what it is that I said was incorrect.

“Everything that I say from this place must be a place of truth as it represents the Gospel of God. I don’t care whether you are a pastor, a Bishop, or a postman,” he continued. When you are wrong, you have to own when you are wrong. And not in a quiet place, but from the same pulpit in which I said it, I wanted to address it. Everybody wants to be an adult until it’s time to apologize.”

“Thank you to all who purposed to keep me accountable,” he added. “We grow from mistakes and birth maturity. Humility will always defeat arrogance. We grow as we go!”

Kevin Samuels Family Confirms Funeral GoFundMe Was “Fake”

On Monday, TMZ reported that Samuels’ family confirmed the GoFundMe page was fake. Per the report, the family has said “an impostor” carried out the fundraising effort to pay for the YouTuber’s funeral with a goal of $50,000.

TMZ adds that GoFundMe scrubbed the fundraiser from its platform and offered Samuels’ family the few hundred bucks raised on the fictitious page—but they refused to accept it, so it was returned to donors.


What do YOU think about Kevin Samuels’ GoFundMe being fake, and Jamal Bryant apologizing for his comments?




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