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Vivica Fox is facing criticism over comments she made about a late YouTuber. On Tuesday the “Cocktails With Queens” host blasted Kevin Samuels who passed away on May 5.

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According to Fox, the misogynoir messenger was actually a hypocrite. Not only that but “karma” came knocking on his door when he died.

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“This man was a hypocrite, in my honest opinion,” said Fox on “Cocktails With Queens” while discussing Marlon Wayans saying that Kevin Samuels offered “healing” through “nasty a** medicine.

“He really was, I didn’t find anything about him to be healing. He insulted African-American women on a consistent basis.”

She went on to discuss one of Samuels’ last viral videos in which he described unmarried Black women over 35 as “leftovers.”

“To me, he was a shock jock,” she added. “I hope this is teaching folks a lesson about the karma that you put out, the negativity that you put out in the world. That when karma comes knocking at your door, she might not be so kind. So, the fact that he keeled over real quick and was supposedly with a woman that we don’t yet know the nationality … rest in peace,” she added with an eyebrow raise.

She later scoffed at him calling himself a “great catch” and noted that he lived in an apartment despite dubbing himself “high-value.”


Los Angeles Premiere Of MGM's

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LisaRaye also spoke and said that “sometimes when you are trying to help it has to come in a kind way.”

“We are Black, we are family,” she added while noting that she did not like all the commentary that Samuels had to say. “My condolenes to his family,” she continued.

Fellow host Syleena Johnson said that Wayans calling Samuels’ comments “healing” was “the fool” a.k.a. foolish, but said she did not want to speak ill of the deceased and Claudia Jordan noted that despite death people should still be held accountable.

“I’m gonna say this and people can be mad at me if they want to,” said Claudia Jordan on “Cocktails With Queens.” “Just because someone passes on it doesn’t mean we can’t say anything honest or negative about you. We can’t be held accountable for the things that we said while we were alive?”

“I think he made some valid points,” she added. “I think people are very unrealistic about relationships.”

Jordan also rightfully noted that Samuels’ platform blew up when he started making disparaging comments about Black women.


As you can imagine, people are pretty PISSED at Vivica for her comments and they’re going in on her via her Instagram comments.

“Gloating on someone’s death is tacky and shows you have no class!!” wrote a detractor on Instagram. “Who are you to judge anybody! You mad the things he said applied to you! Grow up!!”

“You didn’t say a word when Kevin Samuels was alive… now you want to talk ILL on a dead man’s name,” added another. “You know he would have dedicated a whole Live just for you… washed up!”

On Twitter, the criticism continued with some people even bringing up Samuels’ comments about Vivica and her ex, 50 Cent. 

People are BIG, big mad.


What do YOU think about Vivica Fox’s Kevin Samuels comments? Based on her retweeting the below comment it looks like she’s doubling down.


Fair or foul? See the ladies of “Cocktails With Queens” speak on Kevin Samuels below.







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