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What You Can Expect From STARZ P-Valley Season 2


Millions of viewers across the country are gearing up to spend their weekend down in the valley where the girls get naked! In case you missed it, the STARZ original drama series P-Valley is returning with season 2 Friday, June 3rd. That’s right, Chucalissa’s finest are returning to the small screen. Based on Katori Hall’s 2015 stage play, P*ssy Valley, the show depicts the real-life woes of a group of small-town exotic dancers, supporting themselves by stripping at The Pink Nightclub.  It’s been two years since we met the main characters Uncle Clifford, Autumn Night, Mercedes, and Lil’ Murda. Before we go into what you can expect from season 2, let’s have a little season 1 recap, shall we?

Season 1

The season 1 pilot introduces Autumn Night (Elarica Johnson) as a young woman escaping a problematic past, alluding to domestic abuse. She finds herself in the Deep South with few belongings and no way to make ends meet. Autumn arrives at The Pynk and enters the amateur “booty battle” show in hopes of winning the $50 prize. While the witty, gender fluid club owner, Uncle Clifford (Nico Annan) found her to be a “bootiful” fit for the Pynk, residing HBIC Mercedes (Brandee Evans) was not so impressed.

Mercedes is finally approaching her retirement from the strip club, moving on to open her very own dance studio. While her frigid mother relentlessly expresses disdain for her daughter’s risqué profession, Mercedes has a dream to fulfill. Her reign as queen of the club is coming to an end – that is, until her mother, Pastor Patrice, steals her hard-earned savings AND studio space and conspires to open a church instead.

P-Valley Love Stories

Along with the family drama, there are many messy love stories entwined in the P-Valley plot. Autumn falls for a married real-estate broker, Andre, who is looking to buy the Pynk from Uncle Clifford. Uncle Clifford is quietly romanced by local rapper and trap star Lil Murda, who frequents the Pynk for his image. Two other characters, dancers Gidget and Keyshawn AKA Mississippi (Shannon Thornton) give glimpses into their personal lives.  Keyshawn is not-so-secretly being abused by her baby’s father. After one of her performances goes viral, Mississippi becomes Chucalissa’s newest it-girl, and Lil’ Murda uses her to cover up his secret relationship with Uncle Clifford.

At the end of the season, we find out that Autumn adopted her stage name from her late daughter, who passed in a flood trying to escape her ex, Montavious. Autumn Night, whose real name is Hailey Colton, ends up being confronted by Montavious at the Pynk. She had allegedly stolen a great deal of money before leaving him. She confirms the money is in the bank, yet Montavious doesn’t relent and nearly kills her before Mercedes and Uncle Clifford step in.  Montavious ends up on the wrong side of a shotgun barrel, allowing Hailey to move on from her sordid past once and for all.  In the last episode, the cast reunites at an auction for the club. Hailey ends up outbidding Andre for the Pynk using her stolen reparations.  We can’t wait to see the outcome of the Pynk remaining open, with blood on the girls’ hands!

Season 2

In season 2, we can expect to see the growth of old characters as well the entrance of new ones. The cast is ready to get back to work after a nationwide pandemic and subsequent lockdown. Episode teasers show the change in relationship dynamics, including Hailey and Mercedes. Now that Hailey has gone from coworker to boss lady, she’s calling shots that some don’t agree with. Mercedes isn’t interested in bringing new dancers to the Pynk, but Hailey is ready for fresh meat. Gidget has moved to Arizona, and Mississippi is working things out with her baby’s father, Derek. Hailey may be acting brand new as the owner of the Pynk, but even money can’t solve all of her old issues.

Who Is In Season 2?

Lil’ Murda is back like he never left! This time, with the assistance of his talent manager Woddy (Bertram Williams Jr.). In an interview with Bossip’s Janee Bolden, creator Katori Hall discusses the growth in Woddy’s character.

“I really wanted to use our peripheral characters in more than just supporting our main characters. There’s this character, Woddy, who is Lil’ Murda’s manager and works in the funeral home. You think like ‘we might see him every once and a while, but by episode 5 you’re like Woady might need to be getting some headlines”.

Another new character is Lil Teak, who makes a major impact this season. Lil Teak is played by John Clarence Stewart, who also had a major role in Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist. He arrives in P-Valley as a former friend of Lil Murda who becomes a part of his security team.

Also new to the cast are dancers Whisper and Roulette. According to, Whisper is said to be:

“An enigmatic free spirit with a spooky streak who speaks in riddles and eerie truths. She is blessed with a direct line to the universe and sight beyond the earthly realm. The air to Roulette’s fire, Whisper becomes a full-blown tornado when she hits the pole.”

While Roulette is described as:

“A feisty wild child who truly lives up to her name. She’s taking major risks and breaking allllll of Uncle Clifford’s rules. Like fire, she’s dangerous, unpredictable, and uncontrollable-but dazzling to watch. On and off the pole, she’s turning The Pynk upside down.”

Picking up five months after the end of the first season, season 2 will have 10 episodes. In these episodes, we’ll watch the characters navigate the new leadership dynamics, recover from pandemic instability, and rekindle old flames. Will you be watching?



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